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Environmental Liability in International Law

- Towards a Conherent Conception -

This book focuses on liability provisions adopted and applied by states in environmental treaties and protocols as well as the international jurisprudence and non-contractual law creation processes as the decision-making of the Iraq Claims Commission. The international practice is supplemented by the further development of liability instruments in national legislation in Germany and the United States of America. Additionally, attention is drawn to the contribution of private international law and international civil procedure regarding a more effective protection of the environment through the usage of conflicts techniques as means to ensure that the relatively most stringent domestic environmental liability law applies to a given case. Against the backdrop of the development of state responsibility and liability provisions in international law, the final chapter attempts to compile coherent elements of liability regimes. (Summary with 11 pages as a download)

Berichte | 02/2005
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Rüdiger Wolfrum, Christine Langenfeld, Petra Minnerop
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202 18 148
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