Setting the course for discovery in the bathtub

UBA "new children" book -Auf großer Fahrt - Luna und Polly Pop in der wundersamen Welt des Wassers

A new book encourages children ages 8 and up to dive into the exciting world of water. Excellent narration by Britta Böger, together with both funny and loving illustrations by Stefanie Saghri, come together to tell a story that focuses on many interesting topics in the world of water in a way that both young and old can understand.

Luna and Polly Pop, two girls aged eight and twelve, have a number of concerns about water, and in their bathtub they navigate from one subject to the next. The first question they ask themselves is:  “What would it be like without water?“ Well, for one, without water there wouldn’t be vanilla ice cream at the swimming pool - or much of anything else, for that matter. .A constant, somewhat obtrusive companion in the story - the short fat man in flip-flops carrying a bullhorn who is unmistakably the pool supervisor - gives unsolicited commentary and advice, true to character. The story takes both girls on a journey where they learn about the water cycle, where drinking water comes from, or what virtual water is. The story is loaded with little experiments and attractive recipes to slake young researchers‘ curiosity and thirst.

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The reader is the product of collaboration with the Federal Environment Agency and was funded by the Federal Ministry of Health.


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