On the trails of global warming

New UBA children’s book: Pia, Alex und das Klimaprojekt - Eine abenteuerliche Entdeckungsreise

Save electricity, recycle, go by bike more often - children can learn this and much more from the very beginning. But how does that help the environment? What has saving energy got to do with the climate? Is there a difference between climate and weather, and why is the climate heating up anyway? This is what Pia and Alex want to find out for a school project during which they mysteriously experience one adventure after another to learn close up what global warming really means. They suddenly find themselves in the middle of a storm, only to be heated up by the sun and find that the forest is ablaze. The view of a colourful coral reef finally makes it clear why it pays to tackle climate change.

Pia and Alex are in the same class at school. They also meet after school in their secret hiding place - an abandoned weather station gatehouse. When they enter the gatehouse one afternoon to craft something for the school climate project, they are surprised to see something has changed in their shack. This is the beginning of a discovery journey full of adventure . . .

The new book teaches children ages 8 and up a great deal about global warming in an exciting and understandable way. They also find out how each and everybody can do something about it. This amusing story by Claudia Mäder was lovingly and humorously illustrated by Nikko Barber. The afterword features pictures drawn for a contest by schoolchildren in Dessau.

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