European Mobility Week: national competition to start in autumn

Awards go to local community action and innovative examples of sustainable mobility

Fahrradfahren in Chemnitz im EdgarClick to enlarge
EMW 2020 in Chemnitz
Source: Georg Ulrich Dostmann / Stadt Chemnitz

Car-free days, free public transport, e-cargo bike trials – Since its launch in 2002, more and more municipalities as well as companies, associations and educational institutions have been taking part in European Mobility Week (EMW). In 2020, 97 municipalities in Germany alone took part in EMW, and a total of 2,944 across Europe. Once again in 2021, various actions and programmes will show what sustainable mobility in cities and municipalities can look like in practice from 16 to 22 September. The German Environment Agency (UBA) is launching the first nationwide competition this year to honour this commitment. All German municipalities and organisations that officially participate in the EMW in 2021 are eligible to enter.

Municipalities must have implemented all three elements of EMW to be considered for an award – week of activities, permanent action and car-free days. Prizes in the national competition are awarded to municipalities in three categories:

  • Best EMW programme for larger municipalities (pop. more than 100,000)
  • Best EMW programme for smaller municipalities (pop. less than 100,000)
  • Most innovative action of EMW

Non-municipal actors such as companies, associations and educational institutions are awarded in the category


Entries in the national EMW competition are open from 23 September to 19 November 2021. An interdisciplinary jury will then evaluate the degree of innovation, impact and transfer potential of each entry. The finalists and winners will be announced in early 2022. Local helpers' parties will be organised for the winners of the four competition categories to celebrate the personal commitment of all participants.

Further information:

European Mobility Week (EMW) is a European campaign which gives local authorities from all over Europe a chance to raise their residents’ awareness of the topic of sustainable mobility. Measures will be established in the week of 16-22 September 2021 and beyond which will lastingly make local transport more climate and environmentally friendly. Campaigns will be launched in more than 2500 towns and cities across Europe. UBA has been coordinator of EMW since 2016.

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