International Conference Microplastics in Soils

A picture with a lawn, daisies and plastic. This is the subject of mircoplastics in soils.
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Microplastics in soils – a threat for human health and the environment?

This conference focused mainly on impacts of microplastics in soils, approaches and policy recommendations.

Research has shown that soils are a major sink for microplastics. The international conference provides an opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge on the topic of microplastics in soils and is aimed at scientists and decision-makers alike.

The first day of the event focused on the state of the science, the second day on identifying policy solutions and recommendations for action at the European and international level.

The hybrid event took place from 19 October, 12:30 to 20 October 2022,13:00 (lunch-to-lunch),

at the Neue Mälzerei, Friedenstraße 91, D-10249 Berlin, Germany

Programme (pdf)

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