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December 1st, 2022 (Thursday)

09.00 | Opening

09.15 | Plenary session I: Sustainable resource use and circular economy - the political landscape

10.30-10:45 | BREAK

10.45-11.45 | Parallel Sessions A (English language):

  • Parallel Session 1: Nexus resource efficiency/circular economy and biodiversity
  • Parallel Session 2: Deep sea mining and circular economy
  • Parallel Session 3: Sustainable innovations and circular economy business models - a regional perspective
  • Parallel Session 4: Environmental responsibility in global mineral supply chains
  • Parallel Session 5: Indicator, targets, data

10.45-11.45 | Parallel Sessions B (German language, no translation):

  • Parallel Session 6: Ressourceneffizienz und nationale Kreislaufwirtschaftsstrategie (resource efficiency and national circular economy strategy)
  • Parallel Session 7: Design, Zirkularität und Ressourcenschonung (design, circularity and sustainable resource use)
  • Parallel Session 8: Ressourcenschonung in der chemischen Industrie (sustainable resource use in the chemical industry)
  • Parallel Session 9: Der neue UBA-Ressourcenbericht 2022 (the new UBA resource report 2022)

11.45-13.00 | BREAK

13.00 | Plenary session II: 50 years of "Limits to growth": what has been achieved - what needs to be done?

14.15-14.30 | BREAK

14.30-15.30 | Parallel Sessions C (English language):

  • Parallel Session 10: Circular economy strategies and programs in Europe
  • Parallel Session 11: The EU looks domestically for new mining opportunities. What impacts will that generate and is it worth it?
  • Parallel Session 12: Circular society and circular literacy
  • Parallel Session 13: Resource efficiency and circular economy - policy experiences and stories from Indonesia, South Africa and Uruguay
  • Parallel session 14: Circular economy from a regional perspective: strategies and experiences from the expert group sustainable development of the (council of the) Baltic Sea States
  • Parallel session 15: Digital technologies as enabler for resource efficiency and the circular economy – potentials and challenges

14.30-15.30 | Parallel Sessions D (German language, no translation):

  • Parallel Session 16: Wie können Circular Economy Ansätze den Ressourcenverbrauch in der Textilindustrie reduzieren (how can circular economy approaches reduce resource consumption in the textile industry?)
  • Parallel Session 17: Regulierung von Ressourcenschutz auf nationaler Ebene (regulation of sustainable resource use at national level)
  • Parallel Session 18: Kooperieren und Ressourcen schonen - Kooperation zwischen Handwerk und Reparatur-Initiativen (cooperate and saving resources - cooperation between crafts and repair initiatives)

15.30-15.45 | BREAK

15.45 | Plenary Session III: Sustainable resource use and circular economy - the social dimension

17.00 | Closing

17.15 | Informal gathering


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