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Press release on Climate | Energy

As concerns the ‘climate neutral’ notion: Preventing greenhouse gases is better than offsetting them

Offers to compensate for greenhouse gases voluntarily abound: whether it be the ‘climate neutral air trip’ or the ‘climate neutral bouquet of flowers’, everything is possible. The idea is simple, namely to compensate for the climate gas emissions produced by products or services by saving the same amount somewhere else. Making sense of all these new possibilities is possible thanks to a new guide by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) which includes a consumer check list. Consumers are advised not to be misled by the commonly used phrase ‘climate neutral’, says Dr. Thomas Holzmann, Vice President of the Federal Environment Agency, adding, ”the activity to be compensated for (e.g. an air flight) can never be ‘climate neutral’ in and of itself, since it produces carbon dioxide emissions. Voluntary offsetting can not substitute for prevention of greenhouse gases. It is always better not to incur emissions in the first place.” read more


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