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Press release on Climate | Energy

Could there be a dramatic and abrupt change in the climate?

The increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is causing global warming. Air temperatures of ground-level atmospheric layers are therefore also rising. If certain temperature levels are reached, the climate system could react by changing abruptly and severely, e.g. Greenland’s ice could melt, sea levels could rise, Arctic sea ice would melt, the Arctic itself would become warmer, and the Amazon rainforest would continue to dry out. A new Federal Environment Agency (UBA) background paper provides insight on the possible dangers of drastic climate changes. ”We risk drastic climactic changes, also in Germany, as early as this century should temperatures continue to rise”, said Dr. Thomas Holzmann, Vice President of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA). ”We are all part of a global experiment with our planet’s atmosphere where we do not know how it will end. We must greatly reduce emissions of climate gases speedily and also adapt to climate change”, Holzmann continued. read more


The Umweltbundesamt

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