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Press release on Chemicals and Health

Federal Environment Minister Röttgen and Environment Agency President Flasbarth: Data on human exposure to pollutants urgently needed

Human biomonitoring (HBM) activities of the Federal Environment Ministry provide important data on chemical exposure of the public. At a conference of experts which took place in Berlin from 26 to 28 September, Federal Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen noted: "Human biomonitoring is an excellent early warning system to detect pollutants harmful to the public at an early stage. It gives us the opportunity to monitor the successes of our chemicals policy and to determine those areas where action is most needed." President of the Federal Environment Agency Jochen Flasbarth stressed: "We need a strengthening of international cooperation in the field of biomonitoring to systematically prevent with precautionary measures an exposure of public health to environmental chemicals. Today numerous chemicals are used on a global scale; therefore it is important to prevent exposure at the very source by refusing to approve the use of problematic substances in products." read more

The Umweltbundesamt

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