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Blue Angel tyres run more quietly

Just in time to celebrate the eco-label’s 30th anniversary is a relaunch of environmentally friendly car tyres bearing the Blue Angel.  Less noise and reduced rolling resistance at same safety standard are the requirements to be met by passenger car tyres that are awarded the Blue Angel. The OPTIMO 4S series by the Hankook company has received this award. ”I hope that other tyre manufacturers will follow suit and now pay greater attention to health and environmental protection in their production processes”, said Dr. Thomas Holzmann, Vice President of the Federal Environment Agency. The driving noise that produces the traffic noise so disturbing and detrimental to health could be nearly halved if low-noise tyres with the Blue Angel gained market presence.  Due to their low rolling resistance, tyres bearing the Blue Angel can make additional fuel savings of up to five percent. The Federal Environment Agency therefore recommends that car drivers, tyre dealers, as well as purchasers in industry, commerce, and the public sector look for the Blue Angel eco-label when buying automobile tyres. read more


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