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Bye bye, light bulb! A farewell to an obsolescent model

The light bulb will begin to be phased out of the market starting Autumn 2009, as a result of a decision taken by the EU. Starting 1 September 2009 all frosted and other light bulbs of over 75 watts will no longer be for sale, to be followed gradually by lower-wattage light bulbs later on. There are good reasons for this as the conventional light bulb is not too ‘bright’: it only converts about five percent of the energy it absorbs into light. The remainder fizzles out as warmth. Modern compact fluorescent lamps, better known as energy saving lights, which convert about 25 percent of their energy into light, offer the better solution. Electricity costs are reduced by 49 to 177 euros when an old light bulb is replaced by a high-quality energy saving lamp. This is based on a calculation of 10,000 hours of operation, depending on frequency of use within three to ten years. ”There should not be anyone still using the obsolescent light bulb. Modern energy saving lamps are the right thing for greater climate protection. It means one simple step that eases the household budget, too,” said Dr. Thomas Holzmann, Vice President of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA). A free flyer issued by UBA provides tips about energy saving lamps (Bye bye Glühbirne! Warum Energiesparlampen besser sind). read more


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