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The fight against rubbish and stink: advice on ecological spring cleaning

Spring has sprung, and for many it is an opportunity to clear up at home and bid winter farewell.  To those concerned not only about cleanliness but also about our environment, the following advice by Prof. Dr. Andreas Troge, President of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA): Use detergents and cleansing agents as indicated. It saves energy, chemicals and water—and is better for health. Lots of chemicals use by no means amounts to a great help, but rather a burden on the environment and the budget. Old defective electrical and electronic devices—lamps, mobile phones, TVs or hi-fi systems- do not belong in the household waste bin. ”Consumers must take electronic scrap to their cities’ collection points, and it is completely free of charge. Precious resources contained in the equipment will thus not simply land in the waste bin, but can instead be recycled”, said Troge. Electrical and electronic devices no longer in use contain ever scarcer and valuable precious metals such as gold, indium, and platinum, as well as steel and plastics. Disposing of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in the household bin has been banned since March 2006 and must instead be brought to community collection points. read more


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