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Press release on Health

Environmental justice - Environmental and health protection for everyone!

The poor often live in an environment which can cause illness, according to epidemiological studies done related to social and environmental factors. Their results show that the lower income populations in Germany are more prone to live in streets where there is heavier through traffic and where they are more exposed to noise and exhaust gases than people who are better off financially. Respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and sleep disorders are some of the possible consequences.  ”Socio-economic background is a determining factor in Germany as to how or whether children, adolescents and adults suffer the effects of noise or pollution. Education and income affect living conditions, lifestyle, and thus the health risks posed to humans. The financially deprived are very often more affected by environmental problems, and this must change”, said Vice President Dr. Thomas Holzmann of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), upon the publication of the latest edition of the Environment and Health Information Service (UMID). The latest edition focuses on the subject of environmental justice with a view to environmental health and social status. read more


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