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The business and economic case for sustainable chemistry, Alexander Keller, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbH

The business case for sustainable chemistry: global trends, drivers, and barriers, Alastair MacGregor, Trucost Plc

Sustainability in Organic Chemistry Lab Courses, Müfit Bahadir, Technische Universität Braunschweig

Sustainable chemistry: what is it about? The concept of SC., Prof.Dr. Dirk Bunke, Öko-Institut e.V., Freiburg, Dr. Anke Joas, BiPRO, Munich

Growing Sustainable Chemistry - Needs and Opportunities, Henning Friege, N3 Nachhaltigkeitberatung, Alexis Bazzanella, DECHEMA

An Agenda to Mainstream Green Chemistry, Joel A. Tickner, Green Chemistry & Commerce Council

Barriers to Green Chemistry Adoption and Means to Accelerate Growth along the Supply Chain, T. Fennelly, TFA

Growing sustainable chemistry through the supply chain - challenges and solutions, Malene Teller Blume, COOP Denmark A/S

INSQIN Taking PU Waterborne: How to address the sustainable challenges of an key material in our industry, Thomas Michaelis, covestro

Observations from supply chains of the textile sector, Petra Schwager, UNIDO

Sustainable chemistry 2015 - the way forward, Bettina Roth, VAUDE

What are the biggest challenges your comany faces in advancing more sustainable chemistry, Waeber, bluesign technologies ag

Sustainable Chemistry: The Business Case, Babette Pettersen, BioAmber

Authorization of TRI for Asphalt Quality Analysis, Best Practice Stakeholder Collaboration and Implementation of Chemical Leasing, Dr. Knut Johansen, Steffen Saecker, dav, asphalt, dai, EUROVIA, DOW, SAFECHEM

Chemistry and Pharmacy , Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer, LEUPHANA

Benign by Design, Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer, LEUPHANA

ARTILYSIN: a new antimicrobial platform, Chang, LYSANDO

Sustainability of pharmaceuticals: An agency's point of view, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Adolf Eisenträger, Umweltbundesamt


Building Input, Tess Fennelly

Building outcome

Building outcome slides, Tess Fennelly

Education input, Dr. Avtar S. Mathatu

Electronic outcome

Electronic input, Wolfgang Wanzke

Investment outcome

Policy making input, Dr. Vassilios Karavezyris

Policy outcome

Textile input, Dr. Kirsten Brodde, Greenpeace

Textitles outcome

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