Reference list: Citations of articles that contain pharmaceutical concentration data, except review articles, based on countries and UN regional groups.


Pharmaceuticals in the environment – the global perspective
Occurrence, effects, and potential cooperative action under SAICM

Les produits pharmaceutiques dans l’environnement – perspective à l’échelle mondiale
Présence, effets, et action concertée potentielle au titre de la SAICMM

Fármacos en el medio ambiente – la perspectiva global
Incidencia, efectos y acción cooperativa potencial bajo el SAICM

存积、影响和在SAICM 框架下的合作潜力


Pharmaceuticals in the environment: Global occurrence and potential cooperative action under the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM)
Research report

Critical Review  in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry:  “Pharmaceuticals in the environment — Global occurrences and perspectives”
by Tim aus der Beek, Frank-Andreas Weber, Axel Bergmann, Silke Hickmann, Ina Ebert, Arne Hein, Anette Küster