Literature database
All references cited in the MEC-database were compiled in an Endnote© literature database. An Endnote© travelling library (.enlx) and other formats (.html, .rtf, .txt, .xml, .csv) can be downloaded zipped (39 MB).


The database "Pharmaceuticals in the Environment" - Update for the period 2017-2020
Research report for the updated database “Pharmaceuticals in the environment” v3 form 2021 including more evaluations.

The database "Pharmaceuticals in the Environment" - Update and new analysis
Research report for the updated database “Pharmaceuticals in the environment” v2 form 2019 including more evaluations.

Pharmaceuticals in the environment: Global occurrence and potential cooperative action under the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM)
First research report for the database “Pharmaceuticals in the environment” v1 form 2016 including more evaluations.

Critical Review  in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry:  “Pharmaceuticals in the environment — Global occurrences and perspectives”
by Tim aus der Beek, Frank-Andreas Weber, Axel Bergmann, Silke Hickmann, Ina Ebert, Arne Hein, Anette Küster (


Tab1 Key Facts DB v3
The database in numbers – number of active substances including their metabolites or transformation products with detections above their detection limits - global, for the European Union and for Germany; in comparison to version 2 of the database.

Tab2 MECs in 5-UN regions
Number of positively detected MECs in surface water, groundwater or drinking water for substances occurring in all five UN-regions: WEOG – Western Europe and Others Group, GRULAC – Latin American and Caribbean Group, EEG – Eastern Europe Group, ASG – Asien Group, AFG – African Group.


Pharmaceuticals in the environment – the global perspective
Occurrence, effects, and potential cooperative action under SAICM

Les produits pharmaceutiques dans l’environnement – perspective à l’échelle mondiale
Présence, effets, et action concertée potentielle au titre de la SAICMM

Fármacos en el medio ambiente – la perspectiva global
Incidencia, efectos y acción cooperativa potencial bajo el SAICM

存积、影响和在SAICM 框架下的合作潜力


How to access the PHARMS-UBA database in the IPCHEM Portal.

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