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  1. Too much fertiliser: drinking water could become more expensive
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  4. Germany's bathing waters are clean machines
News on Water

UBA Position on EU minimum requirements for Water Reuse

UBA Position on EU minimum requirements for Water Reuse

The EU Commission is seeking to adopt EU wide minimum quality requirements for water reuse for agricultural irrigation and groundwater recharge by the end of 2017. As the current draft falls short to set standards that are rigorous enough to protect the environment and human health, UBA has published a Scientific Opinion Paper to express its concerns and recommendations. read more

Press release on Transport | Noise

Nitrogen pollution from diesel-fuelled cars even higher than suspected

smog of a car

Diesel passenger cars exceed European limits for nitrogen dioxide (NOx) on roads at higher levels than previously thought. In 2016 emissions were assumed to be 575 mg NOx/km, but the diesel-fuelled passenger car fleet in Germany actually had average emissions of 767 mg NOx/km. These findings are based on new calculations done on behalf of the German Environment Agency (UBA). read more

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