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  1. International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) launched
  2. "Mobile" chemicals - when filters become useless
  3. One in five Germans suffers from railway noise – unnecessarily
  4. Nitrogen pollution from diesel-fuelled cars even higher than suspected
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Extending the service life of electrical appliances

Two women in front of a washing machine

The service life of most electrical appliances and equipment is becoming ever shorter – at the expense of the environment. The production of new models requires the consumption of valuable precious metals and energy which are not compensated by innovations such as lower energy use. UBA has drafted policy recommendations that will be fed into the European debate about the Circular Economy Package. read more

Press release on Water

Water body type 2017

Lehnmühle Reservoir in Saxony

Just in time for World Water Day on March 22, the German Environment Agency (UBA) has chosen the water type of the year 2017: the deep, big, lime-deficient highland area lake. This is good news in ecological terms: nearly 80 per cent of the lakes have “good” ecological potential according to the criteria of the EU Water Framework Directive. read more

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  1. Beteiligungsverfahren bei umweltrelevanten Vorhaben
  2. Jahresbericht 2016 Fachbibliothek Umwelt, Bürgerservice und Besucherdienst
  3. Beiträge zur Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie: Minderung des Ressourcenverbrauchs in der Chemiebranche durch Instrumente der nachhaltigen Chemie
  4. Product Carbon Footprint und Water Footprint: Möglichkeiten zur methodischen Integration in ein bestehendes Typ-1 Umweltzeichen (Blauer Engel) unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Kommunikationsaspektes
  5. Entwicklung der spezifischen Kohlendioxid-Emissionen des deutschen Strommix in den Jahren 1990 - 2016
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The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment