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  2. Electromobility has clear economic advantages
  3. Resource-efficient products should be cheaper
  4. Sandoz chemical spill, 30 years onward: Salmon have returned to the Rhine
Presseinformation on Climate | Energy

Global record temperatures and flash floods in Germany – small taste of the summer of the future?

passage underground overflooded by rain

2016 has made it especially clear what is going to happen when anthropogenic climate change and the resulting warming of the Earth meet the natural climate phenomenon El Niño. Global temperatures have jumped to new highs: it has been the hottest summer worldwide and may well be the hottest on record since 1880. The numerous droughts and flooding incidents have shown the extreme side of weather. read more

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  1. Kohärenzprüfung umweltpolitischer Ziele und Instrumente
  2. Harmonization of environmental exposure assessment for veterinary pharmaceuticals and biocides: Literature review of studies on occurrence and transformation of veterinary pharmaceuticals and biocides in manure
  3. UMID 02/2016
  4. Datenquellen und Methodik der AGEE-Stat-Zeitreihen zur Entwicklung der erneuerbaren Energien in Deutschland
  5. Verteilungswirkungen umweltpolitischer Maßnahmen und Instrumente
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The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment