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  1. Ambitious policy for environmentally responsible world climate
  2. Plant protection products threaten farmland birds
  3. Regulations on biocides still patchy
  4. Adapting to climate change: take preventative action now

Biogas must become more environmentally friendly

Biogasanlage, im Vordergrund ein Maisfeld

Production of biomass and its use to generate electricity and heat have increased greatly in Germany in recent years, driven by the Renewable Energy Sources Act. The Agriculture Commission at the UBA (KLU) has formulated recommendations on how its further expansion can be designed in an environmentally and nature-friendly way. read more


Pharmaceuticals in the environment pose a global challenge


A research project on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency has shown the magnitude of the contamination of the environment by pharmaceuticals: traces of more than 630 different pharmaceutical ingredients and their degradation products have been recorded in many regions of the earth. They can be found in water, soil, sludge and organisms. read more


Top marks for northern Germany’s lakes

a big lake with transparent water, reed and trees

More than half of the deep, oligotrophic lakes in Northern Germany have ‘good’ ecological status and therefore already achieve the objectives of the EU Water Framework Directive. These good reviews are cause for the Federal Environment Agency to declare them as “Water Type of the Year 2014” on the occasion of World Water Day. read more


Associations’ right to take legal action good for the environment

Bronze statue of Justitia, holding a pair of balances in her hand

Since 2006 environmental and nature conservation associations have had the right to take legal action if certain administrative decisions such as the approval of industrial installations violate environmental provisions. An analysis of practice to date reveals that this right is an effective instrument to ensure that justice is done to the environment. read more



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