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  1. UBA's 2014 emissions data indicates trend reversal in climate protection
  2. Can a fourth waste water treatment stage be financed by the waste water charge?
  3. Obsolescence fact check
  4. UBA for more incentives for environmental management in companies

Extraneous water within the sewerage system burdens sewage treatm

View into a decrepit sewers sewage plant

About a quarter of the volume of wastewater entering sewage plants for treatment would not have to be treated. This is extraneous water that infiltrates decrepit sewers and blends with “genuine” wastewater. In a project, a group of experts explored how this affects water quality and how sewer rehabilitation can remedy the problem. read more


Umweltbewusstsein 2014 study: More and more people see protection of the environment as part of the solution, not the problem

Barbara Hendricks and Maria Krautzberger present the Umweltbewusstsein 2014 study

Environmental awareness among Germany's population is undergoing a change, says a new study by the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency (UBA). According to the study, more and more people see protection of the climate and the environment as part of the solution to challenges of the future and securing prosperity, competitiveness and jobs. read more


Salt-rich Wadden Sea: Water body type of the year 2015


The salt-rich Wadden Sea has been named "Water body type of the Year 2015“. It comprises about 20% of Germany's coastal waters and is located on the country's North Sea coast between the North Sea and East Frisian islands, the mainland and the Jade Bight. read more


New "Blue Angel" for data centers


Data centers that seek certification by the Blue Angel ecolabel must use significantly less energy in future and make use of climate-friendly air conditioning techniques. The criteria for award of the ecolabel have been revised based on decisions taken at the latest meeting of the Jury Environmental Label. read more


E-bikes equal greater mobility

E-cycles on a field path

Pedelecs are all the rage. There are now 1.6 million e-bikes on Germany's roads. A new background paper by UBA discusses the environmental impact of pedelecs. This knowledge is now available to an international audience in an English language translation of the paper. read more



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