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  1. Allergy alert: Action day to fight ragweed
  2. TTIP: Risks for environmental protection
  3. Food waste causes four percent of Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions
  4. Fighting dandelions with a brush and hot water

Contest for 'Blue Angel Prize 2015' has started

Bühne bei der Preisverleihung Blauer Engel-Preis 2012

The 'Blue Angel Prize' contest has been launched for the fourth time in the framework of the German Sustainability Award. The prize distinguishes companies which support the cause of the Blue Angel ecolabel in an extraordinary way and thereby excel in their efforts to help protect the environment. read more


Phasing out the flame retardant HBCD

Builders insulating a house

For a long time the chemical hexabromocyclododecane, or HBCD, was the most economically significant flame retardant used in polystyrene foam for insulation materials. Our background paper, also available in English, provides answers to the most important questions concerning the phase-out. read more


Soil protection through consistent implementation of SDGs

Maria Krautzberger

The third Global Soil Week took place in April 2015 in Berlin. UBA was a partner in organizing the conference, which was hosted by the IASS and chaired by Klaus Töpfer. In her statement, Maria Krautzberger makes a case for utilizing the implementation of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for promoting soil protection at all levels. read more


Chemical law: REACH could increase safety of imported articles

Two women lying on a mat at a sports centre with gymnastic balls and barbells

The EU might introduce an authorization scheme for imported goods such as clothing, sports gear and toys in the REACH Regulation, to aim at a better protection of humans and the environment against Substances of Very High Concern in articles. An UBA study claims that the necessary amendment of the EU chemicals regulation REACH would not breach international trade law. read more



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  1. Экологоориентированные подходы к использованию пространства Балтийского моря Российской Федерации (Фаза I)
  2. Reduction of environmental risks from the use of biocides: Environmental sound use of disinfectants, masonry preservatives and rodenticides
  3. Validation and quality assurance of methods for the substance flow analysis for large carbon dioxide loads from CO2 separation in CCS power stations
  4. Umweltverträgliche Raumnutzungskonzepte für den Ostseeküstenraum der Russischen Föderation (Phase I)
  5. Durch Umweltschutz die biologische Vielfalt erhalten

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