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On desert dust and exhaust fumes: New WHO Air Quality Newsletter

Schild des WHO CC Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Control

More than 90% of urban populations in the European WHO region are exposed to air with pollution concentrations that are sometimes well above the WHO air quality guideline values. Find out about the origin of these pollutants in the latest edition of the newsletter published by the WHO Collaborating Centre for Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Control located at UBA. read more


Geo-Engineering: Proposals for international governance

atmosphere of the Earth

A number of schemes have been developed in recent years to combat global warming through intervention into the climate system. What these geo-engineering measures have in common is the risks they harbour for man and the environment which can have an impact worldwide and should therefore be subject to global governance. A study done on behalf of the UBA presents appropriate proposals. read more


Oak processionary caterpillar season has begun

The fight against the oak processionary has begun in many of Germany's Länder, including in Berlin and Brandenburg. The caterpillars of this moth have bristles which contain a toxin that can cause health problems. The caterpillars are controlled with either chemical or biological agents before they develop these bristles, usually beginning in late April through early May. read more



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