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  1. “Blue Angel” cooperating with eco-labels in China and Japan
  2. Environmental protection provides employment for 2 million
  3. Hazardous substance in marinas
  4. Wind energy: Too great a distance to residential areas would significantly brake the Energiewende

Workshop "Monograph system for active pharmaceutical substances"


Information on fate and effects of pharmaceutical substances in the environment should preferably be collated in monographs. Although monographs are one of the most promising measures to harmonize the environmental risk assessment and to tackle the issue of the ‘existing’ substances, this measure was not considered in the proposal of the commission for a new Regulation on Veterin. Med. Products. read more


Festival events for the international year of soil 2015

Logo International Year of Soil

On 20 December 2013, the UN General Assembly declared 5 December “Day of Soils” and 2015 “International Year of Soils”. In honour of this occasion the “Soil of the Year 2015” will be presented and the “International Year of Soils 2015 be launched in the premises of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Protection, Building and Nuclear Safety in Berlin. read more


Ammonia emissions from intensive rearing of pigs at high levels

rearing pig

Extensive emissions of Ammonia into the air remain a well-known problem for years. This has resulted in oversupply with nutrients, processes of acid deposition and the loss of biological diversity in ecosystems. The largest part of ammonia emissions in Germany is generated in the agriculture sector (95 %), with 52 % stemming from cattle farming and 20 % from intensive rearing of pigs. read more


First Blue Angel eco-label for 'mobility cards'

three man holding a document with the "Blue Angel" edolabel, in the background a bus

The Greater Hannover Transport Association (GVH) has become the first transport operator to receive the Blue Angel ecolabel for its 'HANNOVERmobile' mobility card. Mobility cards combine the classic monthly pass for buses and trains but also offer its users at least two other forms of mobility – for example access to car sharing, rent-a-bikes, or a rail discount card (BahnCard). read more


Noise: not for the ears of small children

comic drawing: a head of a child, sourrounded by noisy things, like an ambulance, a radio and a loud speaker

Sleep disorders, increased blood pressure or even ringing in the ears (tinnitus) – noise can make people ill, even as early as childhood. A new interactive brochure from the UBA teaches third and fourth-year pupils about acoustics and noise in a playful way and aims to raise awareness of the problem of noise. read more


Pharmaceuticals in the environment: a new test system for effect


Residues of pharmaceuticals in the aquatic environment may affect flora and fauna. The goal of a three-year UBA-funded research project was to find a quick and reliable test system to be used for monitoring of such harmful effects in vivo. The results of the first project part are now available. read more



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