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  1. Chemical brownfields: forest soil is very slow to forget
  2. Climate change could cause more heat-related deaths in future
  3. TTIP: Risks for environmental protection
  4. Food waste causes four percent of Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions

Who is doing what in the Energiewende?

eine Frau und ein Mann mit blauen Bau-Schutzhelmen stehen mit einem Tablet und Papierunterlagen in der Hand auf einer Wiese und zeigen auf eine Windkraftanlage

Germany's Energiewende is a complex, large-scale project. The tasks and measures by which to achieve it are manifold and diverse, as reflected by the many active players in Germany. The publication "Who is who of the Energiewende in Germany – Contact Partners in Politics, Industry and Society", published by the Foreign Office in German and English, provides an overview. read more


Chemicals Regulation REACH: companies must make improvements

Erklärung des Begriffs REACH: Europäische Chemikalienverordnung zur Registrierung, Bewertung, Zulassung und Beschränkung chemischer Stoffe

More than half of the registration dossiers governed by the European REACH Regulation are not compliant with at least one of the seven screened data requirements, for example information on mutagenicity. These are the conclusions of a study carried out by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA). read more


Global soil protection – What law protects effectively?

asphaltic street and paved footway, in the background new houses

Fertile soils are essential for life. Their preservation is set to become one of the United Nations’ global sustainability goals, under the heading “land degradation neutral world”. A legal study commissioned by UBA looked into how this goal could be implemented at international level. read more


Contest for 'Blue Angel Prize 2015' has started

Bühne bei der Preisverleihung Blauer Engel-Preis 2012

The 'Blue Angel Prize' contest has been launched for the fourth time in the framework of the German Sustainability Award. The prize distinguishes companies which support the cause of the Blue Angel ecolabel in an extraordinary way and thereby excel in their efforts to help protect the environment. read more



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  1. Экологоориентированные подходы к использованию пространства Балтийского моря Российской Федерации (Фаза I)
  2. Costs of meeting international climate targets without nuclear power
  3. Entwicklung eines Bewertungs- und Anreizsystems für 100%-Erneuerbare-Energien-Regionen
  4. Checklists for surveying and assessing industrial plant handling materials and substances, which are hazardous to water
  5. Checklists for surveying and assessing industrial plant handling materials and substances, which are hazardous to water

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