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  1. Mixed picture of the state of the environment in Germany
  2. Recycling precious and special metals: a call for coordinated action
  3. Transformation of the energy system: Industrial consumers can use electricity more flexibly
  4. Progress of environmental protection in agriculture too slow

Status of nutrient bookkeeping in the Baltic Sea countries

Tractor with tow tube

The Baltic Sea, a valuable and central part of our natural heritage, is under threat from nutrient inputs from agriculture. A study funded by the German Environment Agency has examined the current state of play in the introduction of nutrient accounting as a prerequisite to good agricultural practice. read more


Germany’s raw material stockpile:What’s in buildings, roads, etc?

ein Plattenbau wird abgerissen

Extracting more and more new raw materials is unsustainable. The future ideal is a closed-loop, circular economy which, through “urban mining”, obtains many of its raw materials from end-of-life houses, piping, cables, cars and appliances rather than from mines and quarries. An UBA study has determined the types and quantities of potential secondary raw materials available in Germany. read more


How to assess land and soil degradation on global level?

Water erosion on landfield

In September 2015 the United Nations agreed upon the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They contain targets dealing with soil quality, restoration of degraded soil and strive to achieve a land degradation-neutral world. Yet, what options actually exist to estimate soil and land degradation on global level? This has now been examined by a new report. read more


From fashion to mobility: 34 projects nominated for Federal Ecodesign Award

Logo: eco Bundespreis ecodesign weiterdenken

The design and environment experts of the jury have nominated 34 projects for the 2015 Federal Ecodesign Award. The selected projects stand out because of their convincing design and environmental friendliness. The nominated projects include products and concepts to promote recycling in the areas of fashion, mobility, logistics and nutrition. read more


Efficient space and water heaters

a cat is sleeping on a radiator

New EU regulations make heating units and water heaters more sustainable and provide guidelines for new purchases. The regulations specify a gradual establishment of limit values for energy efficiency and emissions and introduce energy labelling requirements. read more



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