Cover of the background paper Germany 2050 - A Greenhouse Gas-Neutral Country with photos of a solar panel, a train crossing a motorway and a windfarm
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Germany 2050 - A Greenhouse Gas-Neutral Country

The background paper is a summary of a study which shows that future greenhouse gas neutrality in Germany is technically achievable. The scenariolooks at the issue merely from a national perspective and does not include interaction with other countries. The study focuses on the national GHG reduction target of 95 %. Taking into account the mentioned assumptions, this should be achievable in Germany by technical means.

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Rosemarie Benndorf, Maja Bernicke, Andreas Bertram, Wolfgang Butz, Folke Dettling, Johannes Drotleff, Cornelia Elsner, Eric Fee, Christopher Gabler, Christine Galander, Yvonne Hargita, Reinhard Herbener, Tim Hermann, Fabian Jäger, Judith Kanthak, Hermann Kessler, Yvonne Koch, David Kuntze, Martin Lambrecht, Christian Lehmann, Harry Lehmann, Sandra Leuthold, Insa Lütkehus, Kerstin Martens, Klaus Müschen, Diana Nissler, Sebastian Plickert, Katja Purr, Almut Reichart, Jens Reichel, Hanno Salecker, Jens Schuberth, Dietrich Schulz, Ulla Strenge, Marlene Sieck, Bärbel Westermann, Kathrin Werner, Christine Winde, Dietmar Wunderlich, Brigitte Zietlow, Bernhard Osterburg, Stephanie Kätsch, Anne Wolff
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