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  1. Greenhouse gas-neutral freight transport is necessary and feasible
  2. Antibiotics: livestock industry and human medicine can pollute groundwater
  3. Employment in environmental protection breaks the 2-million mark
  4. The gardening season kicks off
News on Health

2nd International Conference on Human Biomonitoring: Results

participants of the conference in a lecture hall

Which pollutants are people exposed to nowadays and which have diminished as a result of environmental legislation? This was one of the topics more than 300 experts from 33 countries discussed on the 2nd International Conference on Human Biomonitoring in April 2016 in Berlin. The presentations, the conference proceeding and impressions from the conference are found on the conference website. read more

News on Chemicals

Improve regulation of Nanomaterials

Nano structures

Until now, with few exceptions, there are no specific provisions for nanomaterials within the substance legislations. As a result, specific environmental risks cannot be described and assessed adequately. Therefore, the main aim of this paper is to outline the necessary further development of chemi¬cals regulations for nanomaterials with regard to the environment from UBA´s perspective. read more

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