German Environmental Survey: positive mid-term assessment

Six children on a lawn sich in einer Kette bei den Händen gefasst und hüpfen lachend in die LuftClick to enlarge
UBA examines children and adolescents from 160 German locations to harmful substances
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The first half of the Fifth German Environmental Survey (GerES V) was completed at the end of May 2016. By that time, the number of participants had reached 1,326 children and adolescents and their parents, from 101 locations. The study examines the extent to which children and adolescents in Germany are exposed to environmental stressors.

Since children are considered particularly vulnerable to substances potentially harmful to health, GerES V spotlights their exposure. So far, 1,267 urine samples, 2,786 tap water samples and 398 indoor air samples have been taken.