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German Environmental Survey, GerES


Chemicals, mould or noise – people are exposed every day to potentially harmful influences from the environment. In the German Environmental Survey, the Federal Environment Agency is investigating the exposure of the population to pollutants and other environmental effects such as noise. It is thereby contributing to the protection of people and the environment. read more


UMID: Environment and Human Health – Information Service

Sky above the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin

The magazine "UMID: Environment and Human Health - Information Service" (German: "UMID: Umwelt und Mensch – Informationsdienst") is published annually in 2 issues. It provides information on current topics in the fields of environment and health, environmental medicine and consumer protection. Each article contains an English abstract. All issues are available in the archive. read more


Pilot project on environmental justice in German municipalities

Having a healthy living environment should not be coupled to level of income.

The socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods of many municipalities in Germany suffer from a high number of environment-related health risks. A research project by the German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) is testing key elements of a strategic approach to achieving environmental justice in three pilot municipalities. read more


The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment