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News on Chemicals

Chemicals in articles: EU LIFE Projekt AskREACH started

Ein Barcode auf einem Produkt wir mit einem Smartphone gescannt

Certain substances are harmful to man and the environment. The AskREACH project will raise awareness on Substances of Very High Concern in articles among the European population, retailers and industry. Consumers can use a smartphone app to get information on such substances or send requests for information to suppliers. The European Chemicals Regulation REACH provides the legal framework. read more


Environmental pollution and diseases of the elderly

old woman

Not only children can react particularly sensitive but also the health of adults and particularly the elderly is determined by environmental influences. Therefore, it is important to consider all phases of life when looking at the effects of environmental influences. read more


Chemicals management

Chemical Industry

The German Environment Agency sees the main aim of chemicals management to be how society can benefit from chemicals without negative impacts on our environment and health. However, the complex interaction of many different stakeholders and instruments will determine whether this seemingly clear aim is achieved. read more


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

„Multiple Chemical Sensitivity“ (MCS) is characterised by general symptoms such as fatigue, exhaustion, respiratory problems, symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract and further malfunctions of various organ systems. read more


Chemical substances

coloured liquids in flasks

Substances, as they are referred to on the topic-related web pages here, are chemical elements, compounds and mixtures that have become relevant on account of their chemical, physical and toxicological properties, in particular with regard to their potential to affect human health.  read more


Chemical research at UBA

A woman in the apron of the chemistry works in the laboratory. You are filled with liquid glass vessels

The UBA carries out research in its own laboratories on the effects of plant protection products, biocides, pharmaceutical drugs or industrial chemicals on the environment. Its research answers questions such as: How do these substances impact individual organisms in ecosystems? How are they distributed in soil, water and air? Is their effectiveness sufficient to control articulata and rodents? read more


Reference and HBM Values

Urine and blood specimen in tubes on a questionaire for laboratory analysis

The reference value allows the comparison of the exposure of individuals or population groups with the background exposure. Since environmental conditions are changing reference values are checked continuously and are updated if new information becomes available.The reference value for a chemical substance in human biological material (e.g. blood, urine) is derived according to a defined statistic... read more


The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment