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Building Products

different building products

Products used in construction contain many organic and inorganic substances. If they are released into the indoor air of buildings, or into the soil and groundwater, they can pose a risk to the environment and human health. Sofar these inputs of contaminants from building products have been quantified only sporadically. read more

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EU Construction Products Regulation

From July 2013 a new regulation laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products is effective in the EU. The objectives of the regulation are the same as already in Council Directive 89/106/EEC which it replaces: to promote free trade and use of construction products in the common market – without endangering levels of protection. read more

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Validation of a leaching test for release from building products

All building products which come into contact with groundwater, rain or seepage water must be able to provide proof of their safety for the sake of the protection of soil and groundwater. Reliable test methods are necessary. These methods must be “horizontal“, or suitable for application to many different product groups, to ensure the comparability of different building products. read more

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EU law for construction products

The European Union combines free trade with safe products. Producers have to test their products only once per characteristic. The EU member states may keep their variably strict levels of protection and limit values. European harmonization of test methods disburdens manufacturers and allows for a competition with the product performance. read more

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New Concepts for European Construction Product Standards

The principle „no data, no market" from chemicals policy can also be applied to construction products. Knowledge on the release behaviour of the own product gained through in-house research helps to reduce future costs of testing. With the release data it becomes possible to optimize the environmental characteristics of construction products already during their development. read more

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Odours from building products

a young woman takes a smell at one of different glass plungers which are set out in a row

Refurbishing is fun and it beautifies the home. However, hazardous substances frequently lurk in building products - joint sealants, paints and varnishes. Building products which outgas volatile organic compounds (VOC) and odours can be harmful to the health and well-being of the people who reside inside. Healthy indoor air is therefore a very important issue. read more


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