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New travel guide lists 70 destinations for excursions to Germany’s soils

The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has just published the free travel guide entitled Die Böden Deutschlands. The updated edition features excursion destinations and discovery tours in all of Germany’s 16 federal states. Highlights include nature and adventure trails that educate visitors about the importance of soils in the respective regions. “Take time with your family and friends to discover one of these destinations,” recommends UBA President Jochen Flasbarth. The fact-filled travel guide lists destinations, features pedological hiking tours and other adventurous destinations.

The pocket-sized book compiles Germany’s most interesting soil regions: the Eiszeitland GeoPark in Brandenburg, the so-called “Tatort“ soil area of Hesse or the soil and wine route in Bavaria’s Lower Franconia region. The guide lists a total 70 destinations for outings in all 16 federal states, including museums, adventure trails, environmental information centres, or soil profile collections. Directions, opening times and information for the disabled make this both a soil and practical travel guide at once. The articles about the destinations provide insight to the regional soil types in mountainous areas, in ice age landscapes or river valleys. The guide goes into detail about the various functions soil serves as habitat, water storage, or pollutant filter.

Scientifically founded yet entertaining to read, this guide will fascinate more than just the nature fan. Its simple explanations are also easy to understand for the interested adult, pupil or student. Colour pictures and graphs clarify the information about soil development and soil types. The many maps provide orientation and additional tourist and cultural information.

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