LAND4FLOOD Conference 2023

Technische Universität Dortmund
Emil-Figge-Straße 61
44227 Dortmund

Land for flood risk management and resilience

Climate change will increase the frequency and intensity of floods, causing higher fatalities and costs. Traditional flood protection measures provide only limited protection and can be complemented by nature-based solutions for flood risk management and resilience. Such measures not only serve to reduce risk, they also provide additional ecosystem services including increased biodiversity and recreation opportunities. However, a common characteristic of nature-based measures is that they need more land than traditional measures.

This LAND4FLOOD conference provides a platform to exchange and discuss ideas to enhance water storage within catchments – in the hinterland, along the river on floodplains and in polders, and in cities. The focus of the upcoming conference is on land – as a biophysical system (including hydrological aspects), a socio-economic resource, and a solution to flood risk management.

For more information please look at the conference website.

Organizers: The IWRA Task Force Land4Flood Network in cooperation with IWRA.

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