Climate change and European Water Dimension-Enhancing resilience

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)
Stresemannstraße 128-130
10117 Berlin

Adaptation to climate change and enhancing resilience is a key challenge for water management and economic sectors in the European Union that are depending on the use of water and/or the services water bodies are providing. Droughts and heavy rain events already show effects on the condition of many water bodies. Higher variabilities in rainfall and runoff patterns, increasing water scarcity, deteriorating water quality as well as inertial changes of water balances and water ecosystems have serious consequences, not only for drinking water supply or the health of ecosystems, but also for other sectors and infrastructures, such as agriculture and forestry, energy production or inland navigation. More frequent and more intense floods and storm surges threaten settlements and cities in coastal areas and along rivers. Hydrological extreme events intensified by climate change are now among the most serious risks that threaten societies. Severe floods in Southwest and Central Europe in 2016 and 2018 as well as the repeating drought periods in large parts of Europe in recent years have clearly shown Europe’s vulnerability.

In the context of the European Green Deal, The European Commission has announced a new, more ambitious EU strategy on adaptation to climate change for the beginning of 2021. Sustainable and resilient water management and adapting to water related impacts of climate change across sectors is expected to be a key component of the new strategy. It is therefore timely to explore ways in which EU policy and EU initiatives could contribute to enhancing climate resilience in EU member states and beyond.

The conference “Climate Change and the European Water Dimension – Enhancing resilience", which will be held in the context of the upcoming German EU Council Presidency, will:

  • Discuss the need for action on adaptation and on a transformation to climate resilience,
  • Explore policy recommendations for EU activities to foster adaptation efforts in Member States and transboundary basins,
  • Provide input for updating the EU adaptation strategy.

We invite you to block your calendar for this event and to help us achieve the above-mentioned objectives.

Please note that registration will be possible on invitation only! Expression of interest to attend the conference: “Climate Change and the European Water Dimension – Enhancing resilience”, planned for November 4-5 2020 in Berlin, Germany 

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