Information regarding transport of wastes during COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 also has implication to the transboundary movement of wastes. Therefore, we received questions regarding the transfrontier shipment of wastes as well as the handling of transport forms. Some of them were requesting a common national or European way.

However, it is rather difficult to comply with this – concerning that the conditions are different in the single authorities in the federal states and EU member states. At the same time arrangements can change quickly under the dynamics of the pandemia – on the regional scale or in member states. Therefore, we decided to collect the information to the transfrontier shipment of wastes given by the different authorities in Germany and make them transparent to everyone. This shall provide an easy to access overview to the current arrangements, regulations or information given in the EU, in Germany and in the area of the regional authorities within in Germany. 

This information shall be updated regularly. Therefore, we are in contact to the competent authorities.

Nevertheless, the information collected here are not legally binding. They give an overview for information and orientation. As far as possible, links to the proper information of each competent authority are provided.

Some information, for example of the European commission, are available in English only.

Information given by the European Commission:

Information to the transboundary movement of wastes during the COVID-19 crisis on the website of the commission:  (to be found under „COVID19 - waste shipment – specific information from competent authorities in Member States“)

Guideline on the transboundary movement of wastes during the corona crisis:

List of national measures on restrictions at the borders of EU member states:

The Communication adopted by the Commission on the facilitation of the transport of goods through green lanes across the EU, which explicitly refers to waste shipment (see: );

Guidelines that were adopted by the Commission for border management measures to protect health and ensure the availability of goods and essential services:

Information for Germany:

Information of the regional competent authorities in Germany:

Bezirksregierung Arnsberg (NRW):
Bezirksregierung Münster (NRW):
Niedersachsen:  und
Regierung Oberpfalz (Bayern):
SAA (Baden-Württemberg):
SAM (Rheinland-Pfalz):

An overview to the specific arrangements of the regional competent authorities during the COVID – 19 crisis concerning transport forms and the notification procedure can be found on the table attached: 
[Results Questionnaire Federal States Germany COVID19 (xlsx)]




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