Resource conservation in the manufacturing and consumption domain

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Manufacturers still need to do much more when it comes to resource conservation
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Raw materials and energy are key resources when it comes to product manufacturing as well as product use – which, however is inextricably bound up with other resources as well. For product use can have an environmental impact on air, water and soil resources, and can even be harmful to ecosystems and biodiversity.

The UBA is in the process of elaborating a scientific basis for measuring resource use. This work centres around recommendations aimed at preventing excessive resource use, whereby the following concepts come into play:

•    Environmentally sound raw material extraction.
•    Promoting production processes that use materials efficiently.
•    Finding alternatives to production processes that consume large amounts of materials.
•    Using solid waste as a secondary raw material for manufacturing.
•    Products that use minimal resources, are extremely durable, are recyclable, and that are manufactured using a    high level of solid waste as a secondary raw material.

Blauer Engel (Blue Angel) and other ecolables, power consumption information, and UBA consumer advice help consumers to save resources by making environmentally sound purchase decisions.
More efficient resource use can help to reduce environmental pollution, meet consumer needs, strengthen the competitiveness of German companies, create new jobs and ensure sustainable employment.

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