From Science to Policy: UBA Exhibition in the European Parliament

UBA-Building in DessauClick to enlarge
UBA Building in Dessau
Source: Susanne Kambor / UBA

The German Environment Agency's "From Science to Policy" exhibition was due to open in the European Parliament in Brussels on 29 June. Due to the corona pandemic the exhibition is now being held digitally. UBA President Dirk Messner invites you to take a virtual tour of the exhibition. All posters and interviews with UBA experts on the exhibition topics can also be found in the online exhibition.

The science-policy interface in the field of environmental policy and sustainability transformations is the focus of the exhibition “From Science to Policy”. We address some of the major fields of sustainability transformations, for example climate change, energy and circular economy. 

Much of our work that we have been doing for more than four decades is related to the European Green Deal. Therefore, we are excited to present our work to European actors – the European Parliament, the European Council, and the European Commission.

The Covid-19 crisis marks an exceptional moment in history. In the coming months, governments around the globe will be investing more than ever to initiate the recovery. If we use these investments, which aim to fight the social and economic consequences of Covid-19, to trigger sustainability transformations we could make a real difference. 

The exhibition exemplifies how to build the bridges between knowledge creation and science on one hand, and policymakers and decision makers on the other. Furthermore, it highlights environmental and sustainability issues which are key for Europe and the European Green Deal. 

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