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Man-made climate change is a global challenge. The core task is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offset unavoidable emissions. Timely, sustainable infrastructure investments are key to climate action success. The focus is on reducing energy demand and a complete switch of the electricity and heat supply to renewable energies, taking into account interplay with other environmental challenges. The German Environment Agency supports this process with strategies, scenarios, measures and instruments as well as monitoring activities. It also implements individual instruments, such as emissions trading, guarantees of origin for green electricity or the Blue Angel ecolabel.

Coronavirus pandemic and stormy February lead to increase in share of renewable energies in electricity supply sector in Germany

Windkraftanlagen stehen im Meer

The share of renewable energies in gross electricity consumption will be around 46 percent for the full year 2020 – a good four percentage points higher than the figure for the full year 2019 (42%). The increase was due to an increase in electricity generation from renewable sources of about five per cent, but also to a decrease in electricity consumption in the course of the coronavirus pandemic. read more

Climate change adaptation in Germany – specialist conference on strategies to counter heat, drought and heavy rainfall

Blaues Logo des Wettbewerbs 2020

A resilient climate change forest, urban green as a cool oasis in the middle of a hot city, climate-friendly building materials made from natural resources, and a coaching programme to assist municipalities in adapting to climate change – these are the winners of this year’s Blauer Kompass award. The projects were honoured during an online conference on climate resilience. read more

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