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Publikation | created on 23.03.2017 | changed on 25.04.2018

Analysis of selected climate protection scenarios for European countries

Core prerequisite for reaching global ambitous climate targets is a nearly carbon-free economy by mid-century. In this context a number of EU member states have developed long-term climate scenarios and thus initiated first discussions on national and European level. However, based on national circumstances, political orientation and differences in national starting points, the scenarios diffe... read more

Publikation | created on 31.05.2017 | changed on 14.06.2017

Deutsch-japanische Regionalkooperation – WWEC und WCPC 2016

In der Folge des Reaktorunfalls von Fukushima hat sich das Interesse japanischer Gemeinden, Präfekturen und Versorger an einer Umstellung auf erneuerbare Energien deutlich verstärkt. Das deutsche und das japanische Umweltministerium haben im Mai 2016 eine Vereinbarung im Bereich Klimaschutz und Energie auch durch Zusammenarbeit lokaler Regierungen getroffen. Dieser Bericht stellt die Ergebniss... read more

Publikation | created on 03.11.2017 | changed on 19.01.2018

Climate Protection in Transport – Need for Action in the Wake of the Paris Climate Agreement

Transport is not only an indispensable part of our daily lives, but also one of the major sources of greenhouse gases in Germany. What can be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport in the short- and mid-term? How can transport become greenhouse gas-neutral in the long term? Are Germany’s climate targets in the transport sector sufficiently ambitious? This paper answers these qu... read more

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