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Indicator: Renewable energy

The share of renewable energies in electricity consumption increased from 6.3 % to 36.0 % between 2000 and 2017.The share of renewables in final energy consumption increased from 6.5 % (2004) to 15.6 % (2017).The Federal Government has set ambitious targets for the decades ahead.So far, the energy industry seems to be on track to reach the targets. Nevertheless, additional efforts are needed, ... read more

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Indicator: Energy consumption in transport

The Federal Government wants to lower final energy consumption in the transport sector by 10 % by 2020 and by 40 % by 2050 compared to 2005.However, final energy consumption in transport seems to stagnate at a high level with an upward trend in recent years. It will be difficult to reach the target.Since 1991, freights and passenger transport have become significantly more efficient. read more

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Conference programme "Elements of a Greenhouse Gas Neutral Society"

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More sun in Germany’s schools

The "Solarenergie macht Schule e.V." association is now looking for the most solar-energy oriented school in Germany. “Solar energy is becoming more and more significant, which is why our youth should learn about it earlier on,” says President Jochen Flasbarth of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), who has taken on sponsorship of this contest. With respect to a secure energy supply fit for th... read more

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