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Pressemitteilung | created on 31.07.2009 | changed on 05.07.2013

Energy efficiency in electric motors

As of 16 June 2011 only highly efficient three-phase asynchronous motors with a performance range of 0.75 - 375 kilowatts (kW) may be put on the market. The Ecodesign Regulatory Committee endorsed these standards for electric motors in the EU Member States and issued them in the Official Journal of the EU as Regulation 640/2009, thereby establishing minimum standards in energy efficiency for th... read more

Publikation | created on 04.01.2018 | changed on 19.02.2019

A resource efficient pathway towards a greenhouse gas neutral Germany

The study shows that it is possible to transform Germany to both greenhouse gas neutral and resource efficient. One side of the balance is greenhouse gas and raw material saving due to exit from fossil energy carriers and the other is the increased raw material use for the construction of the renewable energy system. In the “GreenEe” scenario it is possible to reduce the GHG emissions in 2050 ... read more

Publikation | created on 22.11.2018 | changed on 23.11.2018

Entwicklung eines quantitativen Modells „Nachhaltiges Deutschland“ – Band 3: Das D3 EE Modell zur Energiewende und ihren Auswirkungen auf Rohstoffinanspruchnahme und Volkswirtschaft

Das D3-EE_Modell ist ein system-dynamisches Modell zur Simulation der Machbarkeit und den Nebenwirkungen einer Energiewende in Deutschland. Das D3 EE Modell erlaubt basierend auf System Dynamics und Prozessen mit Constraints (ToC) den Ausbau der Erneuerbaren Energien zu simulieren und eine Bilanz der Rohstoffe (Einsparung fossiler, Nutzung von Materialien für die Anlagen) aufzustellen. Es gibt... read more

Einstiegsseite | created on 06.09.2017 | changed on 18.04.2018

Stakeholder Dialogues

The Federal Republic of Germany represented by the UBA, and the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention hosted a series of six workshops across the Alpine region. The workshops were scheduled in order to achieve a broad-based participation in the process of drafting the Action Programme and to initiate suitable actions.The workshops were held during September and November 2017. The indi... read more

Publikation | created on 09.01.2018 | changed on 11.01.2018

Transformation research

The last years, calls surged for a transformation research, which addresses the increasing global envi-ronmental and social challenges and supports transformations towards sustainability. As transfor-mation research developed rapidly in relation to various societal domains and established research strands, there is currently a need for self-reflection with regard to empirical and theoretical c... read more

Dokument | created on 22.03.2019 | changed on 22.03.2019

‘Healthy Planet, Healthy People’ – Implications of the 6th UNEP Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-6) for German environmental and sustainability policy

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment