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Indicator: Primary energy consumption

Overall, primary energy consumption in Germany has been decreasing. Between 1990 and 2019, it fell by 14 %.By 2020, energy consumption should fall by 20 % compared to 2008, by 2030 by 30% and by 50 % by 2050. Since 2008 the energy consumption has fallen by an average of 1.0 % per year.The 2020 target will probably be missed by a significant margin. To achieve this goal, primary energy consumpt... read more

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Indicator: Final energy consumption in transport

The Federal Government wants to lower final energy consumption in the freight and passenger sector by 15 to 20 % by 2030 compared to 2005.However, final energy consumption in transport seems to stagnate at a high level with an upward trend in recent years. It will be difficult to reach the target in either sector.Freight and passenger transport have become significantly more efficient since th... read more

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Climate protection and clean air: Polish-German city cooperation

Climate protection and better air quality are important issues in cities in both Poland and Germany. In an advisory assistance project of the German Federal Environment Ministry and the UBA, the exchange of experiences and collaboration between municipalities in Germany and Poland as well as other key stakeholders was intensified for the transition to a low-emissions economy. read more

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Conference programme "Elements of a Greenhouse Gas Neutral Society"

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