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Indicator: Energy consumption

Overall, primary energy consumption in Germany has been decreasing. Between 1990 and 2018, it fell by 13 %.By 2020, energy consumption should fall by 20 % compared to 2008 and by 50 % by 2050. Since 2008 the energy consumption has fallen by an average of 1.2 % per year.To achieve the target of 2020 the primary energy consumption needs to decrease by an average of 5.6 % per year. More efforts a... read more

Artikel | created on 16.11.2018 | changed on 24.01.2019

A Resource-Efficient and Greenhouse-Gas-Neutral Germany 2050

In this project, the German Environment Agency explores the nexus between greenhouse gas (GHG) abatement measures and associated resource requirements. Using five scenarios, different development paths are explored and insights gained on how to reduce future resource use and GHG-emissions. read more

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Scenario 1: GreenEe

GreenEe is short for the scenario “Germany – resource efficient and greenhouse gas neutral – Energy efficiency” of the project „Germany: Resource efficient and greenhouse gas neutral” and describes a development path where energy is generated and used in the most efficient way possible. The ultimate objective is to cut GHG emissions by 95 per cent in 2050 compared to emission levels in 1990. read more

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