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Pressemitteilung | created on 01.03.2016 | changed on 23.01.2017

UBA research studies point out ways for efficient integration of renewable energy into the electricity market

Two new research studies completed on behalf of the German Environment Agency (UBA) show how the electricity market can master the challenges from further developing renewable energy. Their conclusion: the main approach should aim to optimize the existing electricity wholesale market, also known as Electricity Market 2.0. read more

Pressemitteilung | created on 23.09.2011 | changed on 09.07.2013

More sun in Germany’s schools

The "Solarenergie macht Schule e.V." association is now looking for the most solar-energy oriented school in Germany. “Solar energy is becoming more and more significant, which is why our youth should learn about it earlier on,” says President Jochen Flasbarth of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), who has taken on sponsorship of this contest. With respect to a secure energy supply fit for th... read more

Pressemitteilung | created on 29.09.2011 | changed on 18.07.2013

Green Markets: Investments in sustainable economic development

New ideas for green markets of the future and a “green economy“ will be the focus of the agenda at the international conference Green Markets - World of Sustainable Products sponsored by UBA on 29-30 September 2011 in the Urania in Berlin. “Green Economy” stands for resource and energy-efficient economic activity, which is geared towards triggering sustainable development worldwide, at continui... read more

Pressemitteilung | created on 14.11.2019 | changed on 14.11.2019

Greenhouse gas-neutral and resource-efficient by 2050

In its new RESCUE study, the German Environment Agency (UBA) analyzes how to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality and reduce raw material consumption by 70 percent by the year 2050. The RESCUE study describes six scenarios of possible transformation pathways for which details must be fleshed out. The scenarios are meant to help the federal government achieve the agreed goal of greenhouse gas neutr... read more

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