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    14 projects to be honoured with the German Ecodesign Award 2022

    Awards conferred by Federal Environment Minister Lemke and UBA President Messner read more

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    Companies soon to assume costs for disposal of single-use plastic products

    UBA report proposes a levy of €8.95 per kilo of single-use plastic read more

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    Aktion Biotonne Deutschland (German organic waste campaign) launches a “28-day organic waste bin challenge” for citizens.

    A coalition of policymakers, business and associations is advocating for improvements to the collection of organic waste read more

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    Ecosystems more sensitive to nitrogen pollution than previously assumed - Study

    read more

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    E-Waste Day: a plea for proper disposal of electrical and electronic equipment

    Take-back quota can be increased – food retailers also participating in take-back system read more

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    Only ten percent of Germany’s water ecologically intact, despite progress made

    read more

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    Oder fish die-off: Salt discharges caused mass proliferation of toxic alga

    Expert report assumes environmental disaster caused by humans read more

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    Pandemic triggered slight decline in 2020 packaging consumption in Germany

    Higher volume of household waste contrasts lower volume in commercial sector read more

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    Leaks in Nord Stream 1 and 2 will cause serious climate damage

    All the methane in the pipelines likely emitted to the atmosphere read more

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    Jury announces nominees for winner of German Ecodesign Award 2022

    28 projects are potential winners – awards ceremony on 5 December at the BMUV read more

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    Sustainability at the supermarket: retailers not tapping their full potential

    Policy makers must create conditions that cast environmental protection as a competitive advantage read more

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    Blauer Kompass award for outstanding projects in climate change adaptation and risk prevention

    Awards for projects from Brandenburg, Hamburg, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia read more

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    European Mobility Week: Sustainable mobility creates connections

    144 German towns, cities and districts to participate in action week read more

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    Rotor blade recycling from A to Z

    Survey study presents available and environmentally friendly techniques read more

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    German Environment Agency assisting Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with research on causes of the Oder River crisis

    German-Polish working group cooperating well read more

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    New collaboration between Merseburg University of Applied Sciences and German Environment Agency

    Establishment of the National Centre for Environmental and Nature Conservation Information read more

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    From 1 July: 25,000 additional collection sites for waste electrical and electronic equipment

    Supermarkets and discount grocers now also subject to take-back obligation read more

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    Heat in the inner city: a plea for more trees and shade

    Messner: “We are not at the mercy of the urban heat island effect” read more

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    EU regulation won’t cut pesticide use without incentives for farmers

    UBA sees room for improvement to achieve the goals set in the European Green Deal read more

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    German Environment Agency awarded quality seal for compatibility of work, family and private life

    read more

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    Germany’s 2021 emissions from power stations almost back to pre-pandemic levels

    Strong growth in coal-firing emissions despite high CO2 prices in EU Emissions Trading Scheme read more

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    Giving value added tax an ecological and social dimension

    Zero percent on plant-based food staples and public transport read more

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    Levin Westermann named winner of German Prize for Nature Writing 2022

    read more

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    Germany’s bathing waters continue to get top marks

    read more

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    Global, multi-stakeholder digital coalition presents plan for a green digital revolution

    read more

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    "Blauer Kompass" federal award: Nomination of 20 climate change adaptation projects

    Online vote for audience award kicks off read more

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    "PARC": EU research partnership on chemical risk assessment launches

    400 million euros for projects to protect human health and the environment read more

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    Parts of the European population have alarmingly high levels of pollutant exposure

    European Human Biomonitoring Initiative takes stock read more

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    Federal Environment Ministry and German Environment Agency name winners of innovative mobility actions

    Fürstenfeldbruck, Karlsruhe, Kassel and Leipzig are winners of national prize for European Mobility Week read more

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    Landscape as place of transformation

    Artist winners of tandem scholarship have been selected read more

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    Climate-friendly cooling and air conditioning with natural refrigerants

    A joint initiative to promote the use of natural refrigerants by Coolskills, the German Retail Federation’s climate action campaign, RefNat4LIFE, Refrigerants Naturally! e.V., and the German Environment Agency read more

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    Young people care about environment and climate

    Current youth study: Young people want a greater say when it comes to their future read more

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    New measures to protect natural groundwater against trace substances

    World Water Day: Roundtables on Federal Government’s Trace Substance Strategy present results read more

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    Groundwater is named water body type 2022

    Germany’s most important source of drinking water and guarantor of ecosystems must enjoy lasting protection read more

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    Greenhouse gas emissions rose by 4.5 percent in 2021

    Federal Ministry for Climate Action announces comprehensive immediate action programme read more

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    Economizing during the energy crisis

    Instant savings of ten percent possible on natural gas imports from Russia read more

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    Global CODES Network develops joint Action Plan to co-create a sustainable digital transformation globally

    UBA is Co-Champion of the Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES) read more

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    Microplastics in the ocean: Full extent still not foreseeable

    Urgent: Measures to reduce inputs read more

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    Climate risks put quality of life and environment at stake

    read more

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    Environmental awareness: Great momentum for socio-ecological transformation

    Majority of population supportive of more ambitious environmental and climate change policy read more

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    Germany complies with air quality limit values nearly everywhere in 2021

    More action necessary to protect health read more

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    Avoiding pollutants in construction materials

    Good planning can cut pollutant leaching by 90 percent read more

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    German Ecodesign Award 2022: Competition for outstanding ecological design issues call for entries across Europe

    read more

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    Picture-perfect fruit and vegetables are a burden on environment and climate

    German Environment Agency and consumer protection centres appeal to businesses to offer more naturalness in apples, carrots and the like read more

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    Final data on climate impact in 2020: emissions down 41 percent over 1990 levels

    German Environment Agency nevertheless expects further rise in CO₂ emissions in 2021 read more

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    Blauer Kompass contest launches first round as a new federal prize

    Municipalities with climate adaptation projects now eligible to enter contest read more

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    Landscape as place of transformation

    Scholarship from the German Environment Agency, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and Kulturpark e.V. for artists cooperating with scientists and contemporary witnesses read more

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    Call for papers: German Prize for Nature Writing 2022

    read more

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    Emissions trading 2021: record revenues in Germany exceeding 12 billion euros

    Revenues promote climate action and save consumers 4.7 billion euros on price of electricity read more

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