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    Rise in use of problematic plant protection products

    Marked increase in sales of environmentally hazardous insecticides read more

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    Significant lower share of renewable electricity in Germany in 2021

    Use of biofuels also declines; only uptick is in heat from renewable energies read more

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    German Ecodesign Award goes to 10 products and concepts demonstrating innovative, sustainable design

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    Promoting plastics recycling in the construction sector

    2.6 million tonnes of plastics consumed every year read more

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    Chemicals: better protection of environment and health

    Steady increase of chemicals use worldwide read more

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    Creating sustainable links between cities and urban hinterland

    Economise on space, shape open spaces, promote public transport and cycling, encourage co-working read more

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    German Environment Agency advocates increased use of reusables in "to go" consumption and online shopping

    Packaging must be more environmentally friendly read more

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    Environmentally Harmful Subsidies: nearly half granted for road traffic and aviation

    Messner: "Turn environmentally harmful subsidies into social-ecological investment, step by step" read more

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    Drought, heavy rains and heat waves impact tourism

    New study has evidence of how travel regions are adapting to climate change read more

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    Electrical waste: falling far short of collection target of 65 percent

    Amended Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act expected to improve situation from 2022 read more

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    Municipalities say thanks for separate collection of biowaste

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    25 projects nominated for the German Federal Ecodesign Award 2021

    Jurors select nominees for German Federal Ecodesign Award 2021 – Awards ceremony at BMU on 6 December read more

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    Environmental impact of milk production: pasture grazing beats indoor housing model

    Organic milk production farms usually do less damage to the environment than conventional farms read more

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    German Environment Agency proposes expanded cross-regulatory approach for European Commission’s “Zero Pollution Action Plan”

    Linkage between the different legal instruments must be strengthened read more

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    European Mobility Week: Safe and Healthy with Sustainable mobility

    122 German towns and cities to participate in action week from 20 to 22 September read more

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    Bundespreis UMWELT & BAUEN 2021 – Progressive building and refurbishment for more climate protection and social cohesion

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    National emissions trading: Sell-off to start in October 2021

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    Structural change in the central German coal-mining district – establishment of environmental information centre in Merseburg

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    First Blue Angel award for concrete products containing recycled aggregates

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    European Mobility Week: national competition to start in autumn

    Awards go to local community action and innovative examples of sustainable mobility read more

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    For digital environmental sustainability worldwide

    International CODES Initiative discusses accelerating environment and climate action through equitable digitalisation read more

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    European emissions trading: emissions from Germany’s installations down by 33% since start of 3rd trading period in 2013

    Effects seen in energy sector in particular read more

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    New study shows risks of climate change in Germany

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    Federal Environment Ministry to launch national portal for environmental information in Merseburg

    National environmental information centre to support German Environment Agency in structural change of coalfields read more

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    Germany's bathing waters: excellent

    Top marks for nearly all bathing waters in Germany once again in 2020 – but Covid-19 pandemic did put a damper on the fun read more

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    UBA proposes multisectoral cap on nitrogen

    New study recommends curbing annual nitrogen emissions to 1 million tonnes read more

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    Final data on nitrogen dioxide pollution 2020: downward trend continues

    Six cities still exceed the NO₂ threshold read more

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    Envisioned measures under the National Flood Control Programme are said to be effective

    Simulations indicate severe flooding along Danube, Elbe and Rhine rivers could be considerably reduced in the event of a future emergency read more

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    Trifluoroacetic acid from fluorinated refrigerants contaminates rainwater

    Urgent need for switch to natural refrigerants read more

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    Strengthening environmental and climate protection in corporate reporting obligations

    Analysis of mandatory corporate sustainability reports shows deficits read more

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    Fluorinated refrigerants in the EU: additional CO₂ savings potential of 100 million tonnes

    Ammonia, water and hydrocarbons are available as climate-friendly alternatives read more

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    Germans consider environmental protection and climate action highly relevant – despite coronavirus pandemic

    Environmental awareness in Germany: Vast majority in favour of socioecological transition read more

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    Underwater noise affects penguins just like whales and dolphins

    Noise protection strategies are lacking for nearly all marine life read more

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    Plastics in the environment: Transport, building sectors and agriculture are major sources

    First systematic estimates indicate between 151,200 and 255,500 tonnes/year in plastic emissions to the environment read more

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    German Environment Agency co-champions global initiative for digital environmental sustainability

    UNEP, UNDP, the International Science Council, UBA, the Kenyan Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Future Earth, and Sustainability in the Digital Age launched the new flagship initiative CODES (Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability) read more

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    Award for sustainable building UMWELT & BAUEN 2021: call for entries

    Deadline for contest entries is 25 May 2021 read more

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    State of the environment 2020: German Environment Agency draws a mixed picture

    Only a few indicators receive positive evaluation read more

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    EEX Energy Exchange wins contract for sales in national emissions trading scheme

    CO₂ price for emissions from heating and transport – sale of certificate to start in October 2021 read more

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    Call for entries for German Award for Nature Writing 2021

    Prize recognises authors whose literary work focuses on nature read more

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    Two German municipalities among the group of finalists for the international European Mobility Week awards

    Mönchengladbach in the "larger municipalities" category; Lilienthal in the "smaller municipalities" category read more

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    World Water Day: Reducing chemicals in waters

    New Federal Centre for Trace Substances at UBA kicks off read more

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    Alpine lake is named 2021 water body type of the year

    Nearly all German Alpine lakes in "good" ecological condition - but threatened by climate change read more

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    Germany's greenhouse gas emissions down 8.7 percent in 2020

    Positive trend of recent years continues / 40.8 percent decrease since 1990 read more

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    Ground-level engine emissions are greatest source of ultrafine particle pollution at airports

    Less sulphur content in kerosene and electric aircraft towing tugs on the ground can drastically reduce emissions read more

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    New manual for public authorities on combating climate change

    Nine steps to greenhouse gas neutral administration read more

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    Air quality 2020: Only a few cities still exceed nitrogen dioxide limit

    Coronavirus pandemic had only slight impact on air quality read more

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    Many companies underestimate the risks of climate change

    Only around half of DAX 30 companies report on climate-related risks read more

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    Final account of 2019 greenhouse gases in Germany: Emissions declined by 35 per cent over 1990 levels

    Energy sector achieves major cuts read more

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    Round ten of the German Federal Ecodesign Award – 2021 call for entries starts today

    read more

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