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    "Mehr als schön" - more than beautiful: Winners of German Federal Ecodesign Award announced

    Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB) and German Environment Agency (UBA) award the fifth round of ecologically designed products read more

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    Joint action for man and the environment

    Environmentally friendly products with the Blue Angel ecolabel for SOS Children’s Village Berlin read more

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    Grocery discounters should offer more deposit bottle beverages

    Germans producing 30 per cent more packaging waste than 20 years ago read more

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    Electromobility has clear economic advantages

    Goals of Climate Action Plan can only be achieved through an energy transformation in the transport sector read more

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    Resource-efficient products should be cheaper

    UBA resources report: Daily per capita resource consumption in Germany is 44 kilos read more

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    Sandoz chemical spill, 30 years onward: Salmon have returned to the Rhine

    Hendricks: Sandoz disaster triggered a rethink in politics and industry read more

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    Environmentally harmful subsidies in transport sector at record level

    German Environment Agency calls for dismantling by 2025 read more

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    More than beautiful: Jurors select nominees for German Federal Ecodesign Award 2016

    Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB) and German Environment Agency (UBA) award ecodesign for the fifth time read more

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    Anniversary celebration of the Protocol of Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty

    25 years in the name of peace and science read more

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    Ensuring application safety and the environmentally compatible development and use of nanomaterials and other advanced materials

    Federal authorities review the joint research strategy "Nanotechnology - Risks related to Nanomaterials for Humans and the Environment " read more

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    European Mobility Week brings sustainable mobility a step closer

    National kick-off on 16 September 2016 in Frankfurt read more

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    Global record temperatures and flash floods in Germany – small taste of the summer of the future?

    Adaptation to climate change becoming more and more important in Germany read more

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    Higher income earners usually have higher climate-impact lifestyles

    "Blind spots" in mobility and living are common read more

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    Blauer Kompass contest

    German Environment Agency honours four climate adaptation projects read more

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    Greenhouse gas-neutral freight transport is necessary and feasible

    Krautzberger: Move more goods to the rail, substitute fossil fuels read more

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    Antibiotics: livestock industry and human medicine can pollute groundwater

    New UBA study – threshold for human and veterinary medicine in groundwater is useful read more

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    Employment in environmental protection breaks the 2-million mark

    Declines in key Energiewende sectors read more

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    The gardening season kicks off

    The art of composting in the home garden – helpful hints read more

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    Federal Government initiates carbon offsetting scheme for all official travel

    UBA cancels credits for greenhouse gas emissions read more

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    Cities quieter thanks to 30km/h speed limit

    International Noise Awareness Day 2016: Three out of four in Germany feel disturbed by noise read more

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    Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan fails its own environmental review

    Krautzberger: Much more funding must be redeployed to rail transport read more

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    UBA measures new record highs for carbon dioxide

    More than 400 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere for the first time in 2015 read more

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    EU Commission declines to authorise antifouling ingredient

    A victory for environmental protection: Cybutryn no longer to be used on boat hulls starting January 2017 read more

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    Significantly lower levels of mercury and lead, more plasticisers

    Flasbarth: Human and environmental specimen banks are indispensable read more

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    Germany is able to achieve climate-neutral building stock by 2050

    Comprehensive building renovation and more renewable energy point the way read more

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    Cornerstone for an exemplary ecological building

    Groundbreaking ceremony for the addition in Dessau-Roßlau read more

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    Emissions trading: Industrial emissions again practically unchanged in 2015

    Energy utilities mitigate by 1.7 percent read more

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    Gravel-bed streams - our water body type of the year 2016

    Only 3% of Danube, Rhine and co. have "good" ecological status read more

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    First round table on marine litter

    read more

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    UBA emissions data for 2015 indicate urgent need for consistent implementation of Climate Action Programme 2020

    Hendricks: All sectors must deliver on climate protection read more

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    UBA research studies point out ways for efficient integration of renewable energy into the electricity market

    Electricity Market 2.0 is more cost-effective than capacity markets. Flexibilization of production and consumption will improve the integration of renewable energy. read more

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    Germany still world's lead exporter of environmental protection goods

    Stiffer international competition calls for innovations-based environmental policy read more

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    Colourful and versatile workbook about climate change read more

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    Lifetime of electrical appliances becoming shorter and shorter

    Reasons for early replacement are varied – UBA recommends a minimum period of service life read more

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    Sharp decrease of climate gases in Germany in 2014

    Minister Hendricks: Need for action in transport and agriculture sectors read more

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    Air quality 2015: Nitrogen dioxide pollution still too heavy

    Higher ozone levels for the first time in years; much lower particulate levels than 2014 read more

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    Plant protection: Less is best and lower-risk

    German Environment Agency presents 5-point programme of sustainable plant protection read more

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    More than beautiful: Announcing the German Federal Ecodesign Award 2016

    The Award recognises products, services and concepts that distinguish themselves both ecologically and aesthetically read more

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