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    Coffee machines and IT devices to use electricity more efficiently

    EU Directive makes home appliances safer and reduces their energy consumption read more

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    Environmentally harmful subsidies amount to over 52 billion euros

    No recognisable systematic reduction in Germany read more

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    Start of International Year of Soils 2015

    International treaties must ensure better protection of soils read more

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    Eight years of REACH – an overall success but still much work ahead

    Experts from industry, science and administration hold talks at REACH conference read more

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    Plus-energy farmyard and printer manufacturer receive award for commitment to the environment

    Special award for sustainable building and "Blue Angel Award" for 2014 read more

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    1st December is Antarctica Day

    Waste, noise and climate change put increasing stress on sensitive ecosystem read more

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    Hendricks and Krautzberger honour winners of Federal Ecodesign Award 2014

    read more

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    “Blue Angel” cooperating with eco-labels in China and Japan

    read more

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    Germany on course to become the most resource efficient economy in the world

    Government, industry and science hold consultations in Berlin on strategies of sustainable use of natural resources read more

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    Environmental protection provides employment for 2 million

    Refurbishment of buildings promises more 'green' jobs read more

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    Hazardous substance in marinas

    Antifouling agents for recreational craft are a water pollutant read more

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    Wind energy: Too great a distance to residential areas would significantly brake the Energiewende

    A distance of 2,000 metres would leave only 3 percent of potential capacity read more

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    First Blue Angel eco-label for 'mobility cards'

    Mobility card: the key to networked mobility read more

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    Noise: not for the ears of small children

    New publication for third and fourth-year pupils read more

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    Katarina Witt, Oliver Mommsen and Hannelore Elsner campaign for the Blue Angel

    Three new environmental envoys for Germany's most well-known ecolabel read more

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    Environmental quality and innovation go hand in hand: nominations for the Bundespreis Ecodesign 2014 (German Federal Ecodesign Award)

    Federal Environment Ministry and Federal Environment Agency award Bundespreis Ecodesign for the third time read more

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    Who will be the winner of the Blue Angel Prize 2014?

    Nominations go to three companies read more

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    Saving water: wise, overdone or practiced too excessively?

    Saving on hot water in particular is worth the effort read more

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    New requirements for old heating units

    read more

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    Heinrich Freiherr (Baron) von Lersner has died

    Founding president of Federal Environment Agency headed the agency from 1974 to 1995 read more

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    Who generates the most waste?

    New mapping service shows international waste streams read more

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    E-cycles – a (small) mobility revolution

    Faster than a bicycle and greener than an automobile read more

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    Same performance at less cost

    Vacuum cleaners to become more energy-saving - producers must provide proof of vacuum power read more

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    Regulate fracking now

    No authorisation for gas extraction from shale or coalbeds read more

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    UBA tests outdoor jackets: Weather-proofing is harmful to waters

    Too many environmentally harmful chemicals in outdoor jackets read more

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    Together against marine litter

    North-East Atlantic countries adopt regional action plan read more

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    Drag hose for fields, filters for animal housing

    How the agricultural sector can master the nitrogen problem read more

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    "Eating out-of-home" shows up poor environmental performance

    Food waste causes considerable environmental damage read more

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    The fight against waste(fulness)

    UBA conference on taking real steps to prevent waste read more

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    Marine litter: a problem for a long time to come

    Action plans aim at prevention of waste inputs and reduction of existing loads read more

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    The Federal Environment Agency turns 40

    Book and exhibition are an invitation to take a journey through time read more

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    Contest kick-off for 'Blue Angel Prize 2014'

    Wanted: Special commitment to the environment and health read more

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    Somewhere between laundry room and witch’s kitchen

    Myths about laundry or alchemy in the household read more

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    Ocean noise – the underestimated disruptive factor

    Airgun signals disturb whales across great distances read more

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    A new president for the Federal Environment Agency

    Maria Krautzberger came into office on 5 May 2014 read more

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    Oak processionary caterpillar season has begun

    UBA recommends making the least possible use of pesticides read more

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    Ambitious policy for environmentally responsible world climate

    UBA study points the way to a greenhouse-gas neutral Germany read more

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    Pharmaceuticals in the environment pose a global challenge

    Hundreds of active substances and degradation products contaminate water and soil almost worldwide read more

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    UBA wins EU environmental management award

    EMAS Award 2014 for Federal Government’s first zero-energy office building read more

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    Loss of biodiversity on fields

    Plant protection products threaten farmland birds read more

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    Regulations on biocides still patchy

    Fewer biocides for the sake of the environment read more

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    Adapting to climate change: take preventative action now to contain damages later

    Keeping climate change in mind when making investments read more

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    Top marks for northern Germany’s lakes

    Water Type of the Year 2014: Deep, oligotrophic lake of Northern Germany read more

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    Veterinary drugs – a new problem for groundwater?

    Only nine measuring stations measure non-compliant values – UBA still recommends compliance and monitoring read more

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    Sustainable Building Commission founded at Federal Environment Agency (KNB)

    Interdisciplinary panel advises UBA on expert issues of sustainable building such as the use of environmentally compatible building products and construction methods that use fewer resources read more

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    Greenhouse gas emissions rise again slightly in 2013, by 1.2 per cent

    Coal-generated electricity boosts emissions – jeopardises national climate protection goal read more

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    Too many disposable shopping bags

    Federal Environment Agency upholds call for fee on shopping bags read more

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    Legal actions of environmental associations – a success for environment and nature

    Study proves effectiveness of legal actions filed by environmental associations read more

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    Biomass: Cascading use equals best life cycle assessment

    Dismantling the barriers to material use of biomass read more

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    Particulates and nitrogen dioxide still a health burden in 2013

    Around 47,000 premature deaths every year due to poor air quality read more

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    Putting power gluttons on a diet

    Four common power adaptors in non-stop operation can cost up to 51 euros in electricity per year read more

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    Strengthening noise protection in the national aviation plan

    Close review of need for night flying in Germany read more

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    Hendricks strives for more ambitious climate targets

    Continue to reform European emissions trading read more

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    More ecofriendliness in food sector necessary

    International Green Week: The Federation of German Consumer Organisations (vzbv) and UBA present joint recommendations for action read more

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    Wanted: Creative ideas for ecodesign

    Federal Ecodesign Award relaunched read more

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