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    Mothers and children throughout Europe tested for pollutant exposure

    Mercury contamination increases with consumption of fish read more

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    Drinking water: It’s the last metres that count!

    Drinking Water Ordinance amended - pipes and fittings to become even safer read more

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    Taking a very close look at industrial enterprises

    New online portal provides information on environmental quality in Germany read more

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    Mineral oil residue in advent calendars can be avoided

    Mineral oil-free printing inks reduce risk of food contamination read more

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    First-time award of national Ecodesign prize

    Award ceremony at Federal Ministry for Environment read more

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    The prospects for Doha - we must use the time available up to 2020

    The German Federal Government's climate advisors say the EU should target 30-percent-lower emissions by 2020 read more

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    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons - Polluters! Toxic! Unavoidable?

    EU to pass new caps on PAH upon urging from Germany read more

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    Germans consume too many high-tech metals

    Will scarcity of raw materials soon put the brakes on economic development? read more

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    Transport sector can do more to protect climate

    New study identifies effective measures to reduce greenhouse gases read more

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    Systematic reduction of energy costs

    Publication on energy management systems gives businesses and organisations guidance on savings potential read more

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    Being prepared for extreme weather events

    BBK, BBSR, DWD, THW and UBA present research findings at joint press conference read more

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    Managing biomass sustainably - Respect the ecological limits of land use!

    UBA position: Food has priority over energy production read more

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    Emissions trading: Auctioning for third trading period in 2013-2020 commences on 26 October 2012

    Nearly 23.5 million additional emission allowances until 2012 year end read more

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    Bioplastics not superior

    Biodegradable plastic packaging no better than common plastics read more

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    Green IT - 6th Annual Conference of BMU, UBA and BITKOM

    read more

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    Green roofs to fight heat

    Cost evaluation of adaptation measures for cities and municipalities read more

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    Better life cycle assessment of products

    Role model companies nominated for first Blue Angel Prize read more

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    Emissions of air pollutants on steep decline since reunification

    Greatest decrease seen in sulphur emissions - particulates remain worrisome read more

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    InnoTrans 2012: Railways improve environmental performance

    New generation of locomotives puts the brakes on energy consumption read more

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    REACH: Federal Environment Agency lists more “Substances of Very High Concern“

    Materials in outdoor clothing, floor coverings and varnishes in the spotlight read more

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    Federal Ecodesign Award enters final round

    Top jury decides on nominees and prize winners read more

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    Breuer‘s XXL chair moves to UBA

    Trademark piece by 20th century designer set up by Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) at Federal Environment read more

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    Tight restrictions on hydraulic fracturing required

    New report: No drilling for natural gas in designated areas tapped for drinking water read more

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    On the trails of global warming

    New UBA children’s book: Pia, Alex und das Klimaprojekt - Eine abenteuerliche Entdeckungsreise read more

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    10th anniversary of Elbe flooding: Timely information is the basis of preparedness

    UBA publishes new brochure about flooding read more

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    A facade that generates renewable energy

    Judges select winning design for extension building of Federal Environment Agency in Dessau read more

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    Strategic reserve can ensure supply of electricity at low cost

    UBA study critical of current capacity markets read more

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    It’s okay to pay to protect the marine environment

    Federal Environment Agency: Citizens willing to pay more for a clean Baltic Sea read more

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    EU bans polluters

    Inefficient air conditioners to be withdrawn from market starting 2013 read more

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    Green building: part of energy system transformation

    Topping out ceremony for Federal Environment Agency‘s net-zero energy building read more

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    Scope of information about chemicals improved

    Five years after REACH - positive balance despite obvious deficits read more

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    Renewable energy: Huge development potential in the Middle East and North Africa

    Flasbarth: Sun and wind can become basis of economic development in Mediterranean region read more

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    Emissions trading: Germany announces interim volumes of allocations for third trading period

    German Emissions Trading Authority publishes list of installations read more

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    Less greenhouse gases with less nuclear energy

    Overall emissions in Germany drop by some 2 per cent over previous year read more

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    Emissions Trading: CO2 emissions fall in 2011 despite strong economy

    Nuclear phase-out has apparently been compensated for read more

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    Water body type of the year: lowland sandy-clayey river

    Many of Germany’s lowland rivers do have not good quality status read more

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    Flasbarth says, “We need a green economy”

    630,000 new jobs by 2020 as a result of resolute climate protection read more

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    Healthy water from private wells

    German Federal Environment Agency helps owners with new guidebook read more

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    REACH taking a close-up look at bulk chemicals

    Bisphenol A and refrigerant in mobile air-conditioning systems to be retested read more

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    Who’s looking through green-tinted glasses?

    Goethe Institute in Moscow and Federal Environment Agency kick off Russian-German environmental contest read more

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    Emissions trading: Small installations have a choice

    Germany invites public opinion on exemption of small emitters from emissions trading read more

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    Emissions trading: UBA accepts bid on German auction platform for 2012-2013

    EEX Leipzig to auction emission allowances in transition to third trading period read more

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    Setting the course for discovery in the bathtub

    UBA "new children" book -Auf großer Fahrt - Luna und Polly Pop in der wundersamen Welt des Wassers read more

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    Painkillers contaminate Germany’s waterbodies

    Several hundred tonnes land in wastewater every year read more

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    How good is air quality in Germany?

    Ceiling for nitrogen dioxide exceeded at many locations /  Repeated episodes of excessive levels of particulate matter read more

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    Future made in Germany: Germany's growth is becoming increasingly sustainable

    Federal Environment Ministry and Federal Environment Agency publish the 2011 Report on the Environmental Economy read more

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    Germany’s drinking water rated “very good“

    Cases of guideline limit exceedence remain exceptional read more

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    Video conferencing and natural lawnmowers

    Federal Environment Agency to become even more environmentally friendly read more

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    Röttgen: Greenhouse gas reduction efforts a great success

    Emissions down by 25 percent over 1990 levels read more

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    Announcement of first Bundespreis Ecodesign contest

    Seeking good examples of ecological design - deadline 30 April 2012 read more

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