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    REACH: First signs of successful action taken against endocrine disruptor

    Endocrine disruptor octylphenol is "substance of very high concern" read more

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    Climate change: Pioneers of adaptation wanted - and found

    Blauer Kompass contest awards the vanguard of adaptation to climate change read more

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    Emissions trading: Take-off position for aviation

    Federal Environment Agency allocates free certificates to aircraft operators read more

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    A third of world’s arable land affected by degradation

    Experts call for international foundation for soil protection read more

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    Act and negotiate in Durban

    German government's climate advisors pin their hopes on UN climate talks - and recommend "progressive alliances" to boost climate protection read more

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    Thinking ahead to recycling when printing paper!

    read more

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    Sandoz chemical spill 25 years on

    Never again a Rhine as red as blood read more

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    Re-Source conference

    Three countries join forces to preserve natural resources read more

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    Reiche and Flasbarth announce: Buildings have great potential to use energy efficiently

    UBA office building in Berlin built to be zero-energy read more

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    Discover the earth’s skin

    New travel guide lists 70 destinations for excursions to Germany’s soils read more

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    Improved assurance of drinking water quality in buildings

    Amendments to Drinking Water Ordinance provide more protection against legionella and chemicals in installation materials read more

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    Complete update of digital environmental encyclopaedia

    New links and information on newest legislation on environmental data website read more

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    Emissions trading: Start of allowance allocation procedure for third trading period

    Application deadline: 23 January 2012 read more

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    Underestimated danger: cleaning detergents are not harmless press release in Turkish: Küçümsenen tehlike: Temizlik maddeleri zararsız de ildir

    New UBA pamphlet provides tips on green cleaning read more

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    Waste knows no borders

    Imports of waste requiring authorisation remain high read more

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    German Federal Environment Agency in favor of a international chemicals strategy

    Export sustainable solutions, not risks read more

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    Green Markets: Investments in sustainable economic development

    International UBA Conference provides guidance on sustainable models of prosperity read more

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    More sun in Germany’s schools

    UBA President assumes sponsorship of nationwide school contest read more

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    Recovering more metal and plastics from waste

    Pilot project on introduction of recycling bin completed read more

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    New television, anyone? But only with the Blue Angel!

    First set made by Philips awarded eco-label at international consumer electronics fair read more

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    Technology to marvel at - and it’s easy on the climate and resources, too!

    UBA and Blue Angel eco-label at the International consumer electronics trade fair read more

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    REACH: Federal Environment Agency urges regulation of octylphenol

    Agency first to propose endocrine disrupter for evaluation according to EU chemicals law read more

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    Energy saving lamps: Airing out upon breakage is be-all and end-all

    UBA points to safety information on packaging read more

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    EU agrarian reform: Agriculture experts demand integration of ecological aspects in agricultural policy

    Agriculture Commission at UBA seeks to make consideration of environmental aspects condition of subsidies read more

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    Testing for human pollutant exposure in Europe

    Federal Environment Agency in charge of German contribution to DEMOCOPHES pilot study read more

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    Photo contest theme: Summer, sun - plastic rubbish?

    Federal Environment Agency launches campaign against plastic rubbish in the oceans and in the landscape read more

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    Less income, more noise and exhaust fumes - the socio-economically disadvantaged often exposed to more strain

    New edition of UMID with current findings on environmental justice in Germany read more

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    Environmental standards for jackets and trousers

    More sustainability in production of textiles and shoes read more

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    Federal Environment Agency gives the all-clear signal on EHEC in drinking water

    Drinking Water Commission denies spread of EHEC read more

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    Upwards trend in disposable plastic bottles continues

    Study: Market shares of ecologically advantageous beverage packaging down once again read more

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    Large-scale engineering in global environmental processes: an alternative in climate protection?

    Federal Environment Agency recommends imposing a moratorium on geo-engineering projects read more

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    Breezing through the summer - even without air conditioning

    Study reveals savings potential in demand for cooling buildings read more

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    World Environment Day 2011: Preserve forests, use them sustainably!

    Climate change, excessive volumes of nitrogen and overuse are currently greatest threats posed to forests read more

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    Enhanced protection against substances of very high concern

    REACH demands compliance from companies and strengthens right to information read more

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    Endosulfan to become ”Dirty Number 22“

    EU recommends endosulfan be registered as POP in Stockholm Convention read more

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    Put out the fire, please - without the poison though

    Grace period for environmentally harmful fire extinguishing foams ends in June 2011 read more

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    Federal Environment Agency: The sky over the Ruhr is blue again!

    Not made up out of thin air: Back in 1961 Willy Brandt demanded the sky over the Ruhr area become blue again read more

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    Proactive noise protection saves money and trouble

    Traffic noise remains serious environmental problem read more

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    Coast is clear between ocean and water tap

    New UBA brochure on drinking water: Rund um das Trinkwasser read more

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    Energy turnaround requires greater energy efficiency

    25-30 million additional tonnes of carbon dioxide could be saved in electricity alone read more

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    Approaching environmental protection as a global task

    Federal Environment Agency publishes Schwerpunkte 2011 annual report read more

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    Greenhouse gases well below the limit

    Germany already achieves Kyoto target in 2010 read more

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    ”Environment and Health“ - New additions and updates to educational materials

    Materials for secondary level pupils with new chapter on global warming and health read more

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    Emissions trading provides climate protection incentives

    CO2 emissions in 2010 rose only moderately despite thriving economy read more

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    Plasticisers in child day care centres

    Parents and kindergartens use right to information as foreseen by REACH read more

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    Water body type of the year: rocky lime-poor highland river

    UBA: Another 15 percent of this type to achieve "good" status by 2015 read more

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    Examples to follow

    Expeditions in aesthetics and sustainability read more

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    Hazardous substances in construction products - identification soon to be easier

    Federal Environment Agency applauds EU Council resolution to improve labelling on construction products read more

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    Anniversary in perpetual ice: Germany marks 30 years of efforts to protect the Antarctic

    Changing pattern of use of eco-system poses continued challenge for conservation efforts read more

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    Recyclables bin: made simpler to assure high-quality recycling

    UBA invites dialogue on new ideas in waste separation read more

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    Climate protection: Lack of qualified personnel hampers energy renovation in building stock

    New study reveals high demand for training and qualification in construction and architecture industries read more

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    New design for DEHSt website

    read more

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    Hazards of extreme precipitation events experienced more often starting 2040

    read more

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    UBA says recent electricity price hikes excessive

    Energy suppliers hiding behind Renewable Energy Act (EEG) levy read more

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    The German Emissions Trading Registry - Safe for all Transactions

    Security Check by the European Commission found no fault with the German Registry Security Provisions read more

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    How clean is air in Germany?

    Nitrogen dioxide levels exceeded set limits read more

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    Dioxins in food - Blood tests not meaningful

    Human Biomonitoring Commission advises against individualised testing read more

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    Nitrogen - vital nutrient, hazardous pollutant

    UBA publishes new brochure entitled Stickstoff - Zuviel des Guten? [Nitrogen - too much of a good thing?] read more

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    At a glance: Agriculture and its environmental impact

    Federal Environment Agency present compact collection of data read more

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    Dioxin in animal feed: Source of contamination not yet decisively identified

    Federal Environment Agency (UBA) finds no clues to possible source in own dioxin database - urges improvement of data availability read more

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    Baby swimming: Possible risk of asthma caused by chlorine disinfection?

    UBA: For now, children younger than two with a family history of allergies should not swim in indoor pools read more

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