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  1. 2019 greenhouse gas emissions in Germany declined by 6.3 percent
  2. Slight decline in Germany's air pollutant emissions
  3. Speed limits on motorways clearly cut down CO2 emissions
  4. German environmental industry remains strong
Press release on Water

UBA names water body type of the year 2020

Ein kleiner Bachabschnitt fließt durch ein Waldstück

The German Environment Agency (UBA) declared the coarse substrate-dominated, calcareous small highland river as the water body type of 2020 on the occasion of World Water Day on 22 March 2020. Streams of this type occur primarily in the limestone regions of the central highlands , for example in the Swabian Alb and Frankish Alb. Only eight percent achieve 'good' ecological status. read more

Press release on The UBA

Art and the environment “Zero Waste” exhibition in Leipzig

Ein Frauengesicht mit Plastikstücken

Waste is everywhere: be it in the form of a gigantic gyre in the Pacific, particulate matter in the air or microplastics in the food chain. The “Zero Waste” group exhibition showcases some of the international positions of contemporary art which point to the urgency of conserving resources, consuming less and living more sustainably. read more

Press release on Chemicals

Many bisphenol A alternatives may be endocrine disruptive

Reagenzkolben mit Flüssigkeit

A research project by the German Environment Agency (UBA) tested 44 potential substitutes for bisphenol A (BPA) for a number of different applications and products. The result: 43 of these substances are not recommended for use, either because they have a hormone-mimicking effect or a lack of data has not conclusively disproved evidence of such an effect. read more

Press release on Economy | Consumption and Sustainability | Strategies | International matters

Federal Ecodesign Award 2020: Contest entries welcome from mid-January through April

Logo Bundespreis Ecodesign 2020

Packaging which is product at the same time? An app that helps users save resources? A new concept for environmentally friendly mobility in rural areas? Businesses, students and unorthodox thinkers are once again called upon to enter the contest with their innovative services, concepts and products by 6 April 2020. read more

Press release on The UBA

Professor Dirk Messner is new President of the German Environment Agency

Dirk Messner

On 1st January, Professor Dirk Messner succeeded Maria Krautzberger, who had held the office for five years and retired at the end of last year. Federal Environment Minister Schulze congratulated the internationally renowned sustainability researcher at his inauguration, attended by staff of the German Environment Agency in Dessau. read more

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