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Who has the best ecodesign in Germany?

Gruppenbild der 10 Jurymitglieder vor dem Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin

On 11 September a panel jury of environmental and design experts made the nominations for this year's Bundespreis Ecodesign (German Ecodesign Award). Twenty submissions in the areas of architecture, energy, nutrition, home living, interior design, mobility and fashion can now hope to receive an award at an awards ceremony to be held 27 November. read more

Emissions trading: EEX holds 500th German auction of emission allowances

Hands in front of a laptop screen showing a trading picture.

The significant expansion of auctioning of emission allowances instead of the almost complete free allocation is one of the central steps forward which have been implemented in the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) for the current third trading period. “The allocation via auctions complies with the polluter-pays principle most consistently and, in this way, creates the biggest possible in... read more

Public health in the course of climate change: Master plan for heat waves

Heruntergelassene Jalousien

High temperatures and heat waves are adding up to public health problems – and the impact of climate change is becoming more noticeable also in Germany. The federal states and local authorities can draft and implement heat wave action plans to protect public health. The German Environment Agency (UBA) has developed a master plan in collaboration with many experts from various disciplines.  read more

The Umweltbundesamt

For our environment