European Resources Forum (ERF 2014)

A cut down tree

From 10 to 11 November 2014, the Federal Environment Agency hosted the European Resources Forum (ERF) in Berlin for second time. Like the 2012 ERF, the conference was a major success, with 370 participants from over 40 countries.

The aim of the European Resources Forum (ERF) is to provide a European platform for discussion of the issue of sustainable resource use by focusing on the political and scientific debate on this subject. The ERF takes place biennially and is hosted by the German Federal Environment Agency. It seeks to contribute to the development and implementation of common positions for policymaking in Europe and internationally. The ERF is an important instrument for communication on resource issues and for setting up networks and initiating stakeholder alliances at European level.

Some 370 decision-makers and experts from policy development, industry, academia, civil society and the media from over 40 countries participated in the 2014 ERF.

The chairman of the conference, Mr. Harry Lehmann, summarized a central result of the conference in the following recommendation: “The European Resources Forum 2014 urges European governments, the European Parliament and the European Commission to continue with the Roadmap to a resource efficient Europe and with the initiatives and actions linked to it, especially with the so called Circular Economy Package. The fear that resource efficiency endangers the economy is wrong. The opposite is true: a resource efficient Europe is an opportunity for economic growth and job creation.”

The next European Resources Forum is scheduled to take place in the autumn of 2016.

Back to back with the 2014 European Resources Forum, the Federal Environment Agency hosted the second National Resources Forum on 12 November 2014.